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VA GOP Hopes 15 Week Abortion Limit is Winning Strategy Tuesday

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NORTHERN VIRGINIA - It's five days until Election Day, and while this year's November vote may not feel like a big deal nationally, there are key state issues at stake. Voters around America are about to decide which party they want controlling their governor's mansions and state legislatures.  

That outcome could determine which direction their state takes on abortion laws, while in Ohio, the issue itself is on the ballot.

On Tuesday, Ohio voters will determine whether or not access to abortion will be enshrined in their state Constitution. The ballot amendment states "Abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability," around twenty-three weeks of pregnancy, except when necessary to "protect the pregnant patient's life." 

slider img 2Michael Gonidakis from Ohio Right to Life told CBN News he believes the measure is extreme.  

"This race is super close," said Gonidakis. "We're a Midwest state with Midwest values, and this is a bridge too far."   

"It would put late-term abortion in our state Constitution, number one, and number two, that would get rid of all of our parental consent, our parental rights, our parental notification, amongst the other countless laws we have in the state of Ohio," he continued. "That's how radical this is." 

Abortion could also factor in tight gubernatorial races in Kentucky and Mississippi. In Virginia, the GOP sees an unusual opportunity in the purple state to help Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin move forward with his agenda if they can hang onto their House of Delegates majority and flip just two state Senate seats.

Meanwhile, Democrats running in Virginia are singling out abortion as a campaign priority.

"Republican Siobhan Dunnavant, she wants to ban abortion," declared a campaign commercial for state Senate candidate Schuyler Vanbalkenburg. 

Republicans are making it a focus as well with Gov. Youngkin helping lead the charge for candidates taking the issue head-on by campaigning for what they see as somewhat of a compromise, a 15-week abortion limit. 

"I don't support an abortion ban, period," said state Sen. Dunnavant in a campaign ad responding to Vanbalkenburg.

"15 weeks is reasonable, she has exceptions for rape, incest, and fetal anomalies," declared a woman in the commercial

Kelsey Pritchard from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America said if the Virginia GOP sees success in touting the 15-week abortion limit, 2024 candidates should take note.

"Two-thirds of Americans, according to multiple polls, say that they want a 15-week protection nationally," claimed Pritchard. "It's also a popular thing in Virginia with more than 60% of Virginians saying they want that line."

Pritchard believes it is politically smart for Virginia Republicans to support a 15-week limit, adding if they win, it would show abortion might not be the winning issue Democrats believe it to be. 

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