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TX Church Reports 'Record-Breaking Number of Baptisms' as Signs of Spiritual Revival Echo Across US

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A Texas church is reporting a “record-breaking number of baptisms” for the third consecutive year.

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But rather than merely focusing on the numbers, Champion Forest in Houston, Texas, noted each of the “755 souls publicly declaring their faith in Christ” represents something far bigger than mere statistics.

“These aren’t just numbers,” the church said in a post on X. “They are lives forever changed, families transformed, and testimonies of God’s relentless grace.”

The message continued, “We want to extend our deepest thanks to every single person who has been a part of this amazing journey. Your prayers, your service, and your love for others have all contributed to the unfolding of this divine narrative.”


Champion Forest also shared a quick video recapping some of the amazing baptisms and faith moments that unfolded at the church over the past year — a powerful recap of these extraordinary experiences.

The Champion Forest experience is certainly anecdotal, though it appears to be part of a broader pattern happening in faith communities across America. While culture is moving further from faith and moral chaos is raging, pockets of spiritual resurgence and even revival appear to be unfolding.

Adrienne Bankert, former “Good Morning America” correspondent and weekend host who now anchors “Morning in America” on NewsNation, recently told CBN Digital the prevalent narrative faith is dying or diminishing isn’t quite accurate.

“To me, there’s a resurgence of faith at this time,” she said, noting the current chaos unfolding economically, with immigration, and on other fronts is “unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our country’s history.”

Bankert added, “We have more fear, we have more divisiveness politically, and then we come off the heels of this global epidemic.”

She said these “life-shaking, altering” events have brought many people to the end of themselves, and, in turn, these individuals are now looking for something deeper and more profound.

“To think that in all these polls that people say, ‘I don’t believe in God,’ and that most people are angry with God, bitter with God, change their mind about God — I just don’t know who they’re talking to,” Bankert said. “Because, for a lot of people, they found their faith during these past few years. They found their faith in a time of crisis.”

Watch Bankert explain why she doesn’t necessarily believe faith is dying:


With the Asbury University revival earlier this year and multiple reports of churches seeing spontaneous and even record baptisms, it does seem Bankert could be on to something.

Last month, around 200 students decided to accept Jesus and scores were baptized during an event at Auburn University, as CBN News reported. Meanwhile, celebrities are increasingly voicing their love for the Lord.

God and faith keep popping up, even in some of the most unlikely places. CBN and Faithwire will continue to cover these moments of spiritual revival as they unfold.

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