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Trump's New Social Media Platform 'GETTR' Launches July 4th, 'Independent from Cancel Culture'

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Former President Donald Trump's team has launched a new social media platform called "GETTR," and they call it an alternative to Big Tech sites.

The platform’s mission statement says it is fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas.

Former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller, who is leading the platform, told Fox News that the name GETTR was inspired by the idea of "Getting Together." 

"Let's get together, we're talking about a sense of community," Miller told Fox during a recent interview. "We think it will ultimately be a global platform."

He added, "We want people from all political stripes to join the platform."

The app officially launched on July 4th, a move Miller says aligns with the true meaning of freedom.

"This ties in with Independence Day," Miller said. "Independent from social media monopolies, independent from cancel culture; embracing free speech - our launch on Sunday is very much intentional.

"We believe there needs to be a new social media platform that really defends free speech, and one that doesn't de-platform for political beliefs," he continued. "This is a challenge to social media monopolies."

GETTR users can post messages with up to 777 characters, host videos up to three minutes in length, and edit the videos within the app.

And Miller told Fox that users can "import their existing tweets into this new platform" after signing up.

The initiative to create GETTR came after Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat this year, a measure put in place against him after the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6.

CBN News previously reported in January that Trump was looking into creating his own social media site after Twitter banned him.

Lastly, Miller explained that GETTR strives to create a diverse community for its users and that it's "not just for conservatives but for folks from all political affiliations around the world to join."

For more information about GETTR, click here.

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