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Thousands Petition Against 'After School Satan Club'


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Christians across the country are working to stop a Satanic Temple from opening an after school club for Kindergarteners at an elementary school in Oregon. 

Members of a Satanic Temple in Portland, Oregon announced plans to hold a satanic club open house November 16th at the Sacramento Elementary School. 

Thousands of shocked parents rallied behind Concerned Catholics and America Needs Fatima to sign a protest petition. 

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"Parents are aghast. And so many good people are standing up in peaceful protest,"  America Needs Fatima rally coordinator Francis Slobodnik said in a statement. 

The response has been overwhelming.  

"More than 87,000 people have signed the petition against Satan Clubs, urging school authorities NOT to allow Satan -- the father of lies -- into the lives of young children. Every single voice counts against the devil. This needs to be stopped," Slobodnik said.

Concerned parents are doing more than just signing a petition. They also plan to demonstrate on the sidewalk outside the school while the open house is going on. 

Slobodnik says an after school satanic kindergarten club will have devastating affects on America. 

"Satan is not welcome in our culture. Satan should be excluded in our schools 

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