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'There's a Move of God Happening': George Floyd Memorial Site Brings Christians, Non-Believers Together in Unity

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After George Floyd was killed on May 25, Minneapolis was flooded with riots and chaos, but the area has turned into a place of peace.

Hundreds of people continue to gather on the street where Floyd was killed to pray and worship together.

"Things are stirring. Last night, people got saved, baptized, and were touched by God," Joshua Lindquist of Awaken the Dawn said in a video. "This was full of hopelessness. The spiritual climate has completely shifted."

"Worship at the George Floyd memorial site...In the street that has the world’s attention. Awakening is happening," Lindquist wrote. "The gospel was preached & Many, Many came to Jesus!!! PLEASE PRAY with us that this revival would continue!!!

He also said people from all sectors of society are coming to the area and connecting with God.

"This is the site where George Floyd was murdered and it's turning into a worship, revival meeting," he said. "These are not church people, these are secular people that are here from all walks of life. It's turning into a worship gathering."

"We believe that this location is going to turn into an epicenter of revival. There is a church right here - this is literally a church building. There's a move of God happening in Minnesota."

In another video, a preacher leads the crowd in reflection and prayer - urging them to listen to God for guidance.

"In this sacred space right now, in this sacred moment is a time to reflect, pray, grieve, and mourn," he declares. "There is so much pain that has come from this place...on these streets that got across the world. We're going to see healing come to these streets and to our nation."

"Take a moment to listen and ask what God is saying to you right now at this moment. God is always speaking but sometimes we are too loud and busy to hear," the preacher adds.

Dozens of people listen to a message about changing the history of racial injustice.

"History brought us here but this does not have to be our shared destiny," he continues. "We are standing in the gap between the America that once was and the America that should be. Right now, let your life become a bridge. We're going to take our stand in the gap." 

"We're going to turn our weeping into wonder, our heartache into hope. We believe that it's not over. We believe that there's a better way. There is a Kingdom that is higher than the violence that man can inflict on one another and that Kingdom is controlled by God who hears. George Floyd was heard in Heaven. We make our voices heard to the highest power. We appeal to a higher power." 

Those who joined the prayer meeting at the George Floyd memorial site were encouraged to remain silent for 20 minutes in honor of Floyd. 

And supporters were asked to stand near someone of a different race or background in an effort to learn more about one another.

"When we get to the place of understanding, we begin to see. When we begin to see, we begin to change," the preacher concluded.

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