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'That's Amazing': Bethel Church Team Helping with Wildfire Clean-up Discovers Powerful Reminder from God's Word

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Bethel Church in California is ministering to victims of the wildfires there even as many members of their congregation have experienced loss as well.

Recently, according to a post on social media, the team discovered a burnt page that survived the flames amidst all the rubble and ashes. 

"It was encouraging to the team to find the pages, and there was a strong reminder that His Word stands above every circumstance and situation that we may face in life. He is faithful to our stories, and we're standing on His promises," the Instagram post read referencing the bits of Psalm 90 and 91 they found.


Members and followers of Bethel commented on the post with their stories of the power of God's Word – even those very same verses.

One woman told the story of an illness that was used in helping her come to the Lord... and one specific night that she believes was a turnaround.

"That same night, my dad was reading the scriptures to me with tears running down on his face as others were praying. And that scripture happened to be Psalm 91. I didn't know Jesus then, but this scripture was stuck in my head for more than a decade,"  Ellen Cardenas posted.

"After I got all recovered, reborn for 16 years now, I finally found the courage to ask my dad about the scripture he read on that night of spiritual battle if it was Psalm 91 (5 years back). I was amazed when he said, 'Yes, it was.' That was a beautiful confirmation that I did hear God's voice and he was calling us all back to Him," she went on to say.

"Wow, that's so powerful," wrote Denise Cross.

"This really blessed me this morning! Thanks for posting! Brings things back into perspective," someone posted on the Instagram page "womendifyingwomen."

Another person made an observation about one particular verse.

"And verse 15 sticks out the most 'make us glad,'" Jennifer Rogers commented.

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