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Texas Judge Reverses 'Save James' Decision, Gives Mom Who Wants 'Gender Transition' for Boy All Rights

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In the continuing legal saga of little James Younger, a Texas judge has now taken away the father's rights when it comes to his son's well-being. 

LifeSite News reports without a proper hearing, a Dallas judge on Monday took away Jeffrey Younger's claim to his son's medical, psychological, and psychiatric care, giving that power solely to James' mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas.

As CBN News has extensively reported, little James is in the middle of a legal battle between his parents that made national headlines in 2019 after it was revealed the boy's mother intended to publicly gender-transition him into a girl against the father's wishes. Even the eight-year-old boy has reportedly been conflicted about the transition, too.

The #SaveJamesYounger hashtag went viral on Twitter last year as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), US Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Gov. Greg Abbott, and Attorney General Ken Paxton, commented on the young boy's case. 

Monday's ruling by Judge Mary Brown reverses Judge Kim Cooks' October 2019 ruling that included both parents when making joint medical decisions for James and his brother Jude.  

Georgulas now has the sole authority to enroll James in school as a girl named "Luna" and have him undergo transgender medical procedures. Court documents show Younger wanted to take both boys out of public school and homeschool them instead, according to LifeSite News

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Georgulas' attorneys filed a motion to have Judge Cooks replaced in November of last year after Cooks shared a Facebook post in which she shared an article from The Dallas Morning News, writing: "The governor nor any legislature (sic) had any influence on the Court's Decision."  

Georgulas' motion was granted and Cooks was removed from the case in December. 

According to the "Save James" Facebook page, a page ran by individuals interested in the case, both Younger, Georgulas, and the boys will be required to attend family counseling that will cost Younger $5,000 a month, in addition to a $10,000 retainer by a counselor.  Even though Younger will be required to pay for the counseling, he will not have a say in the counselor's selection. 

Brown's ruling was made without the hearing that had been scheduled for Monday. The judge gave no explanation as to why she issued the order without a hearing. 

A special evidentiary hearing is scheduled for September to review Brown's current orders, according to the "Save James" Facebook page. 

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