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Texas High School Reverses Policy Censoring 'Jesus' Logo


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After facing intense backlash, a Texas high school reversed its decision to censor a sponsor logo for having the word "Jesus" in it. 

Flower Mound High School, north of Dallas-Fort Worth, reached out to local businesses asking them to help sponsor their bass fishing club. Business owner Wess Jones, whose daughter is part of the club, gladly donated money to help the team. In exchange, the school promised to allow him to put his logo on the back of the team's jerseys.

However, that promise was ignored when the school refused to use the text: "It's not about us, it's all about Jesus." The high school refused it because of the name "Jesus", saying it would get them "in real hot water."

First Liberty Institute, a legal organization dedicated to religious freedom stepped in, calling the school's actions nothing less than blatant discrimination. 

"The government censored a small business owner's logo, simply because it mentioned Jesus," Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute, said in a statement. "That's pure religious discrimination and it's against the law." 

Six hours after First Liberty Institute sent a demand letter to Flower Mound, the school reversed its decision, allowing the logo to be displayed. 

"We are grateful to Flower Mound High School for taking swift action to correct this situation," Dys said. "They are a great example to school districts everywhere of how to work with parents and children to ensure that First Amendment freedoms are protected in school." 

Jones was also grateful for the school's change of heart. 
"I am very pleased that the school district decided to do the right thing," he said. 

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