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'Targeted, Bullied, and Silenced': Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Being Cut-Off for Biblical Beliefs

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More and more faith-based adoption agencies are being forced to close for refusing to place children in houses with same-sex couples.
Liberal jurisdictions in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Philadelphia and the District of Columbia, have shut down religious agencies, according to GOP USA.
Lawsuits are continuing to pop up as both sides of the equation cite their constitutional rights.
The Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia sued the city last month after it announced it would terminate its contract with the agency.
A complaint by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty stated, "Despite a foster care crisis and a need for more foster homes, the City of Philadelphia has decided to cut off foster placements for Catholic Social Services and prioritize political grandstanding over the needs of children."
And the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services last year. The ACLU wants a federal court to strike down a June 2015 law which prevented discrimination against religious adoption agencies.
The lawsuit noted that the legislation was put in place weeks before the Supreme Court created a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.
Now, federal and state governments are working to protect those religious adoption agencies.
Republican Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Republican Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania have introduced legislation that would prohibit governments from disqualifying adoption agencies from federally funded programs for their religious beliefs.
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said studies have shown that children are better off when raised by a mother and father who stay together throughout their childhood.
"Every kid wants a father and a mother," Gov. Bevin said at The Heritage Foundation. "The idea that we need to protect our children from that is absurd. This idea that we need to be worried about certain organizations making that as an option for kids exclusive of some other option, and that's somehow detrimental."
The Heritage Foundation's latest report showed faith-based adoption agencies are particularly effective at placing foster children with families.
Jedd Medefind, president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, said this is because faith motivates selfless acts.
"If we are serious about addressing the world's great needs, then we absolutely need faith-based organizations and faith-motivated individuals to be a part of that," Medefind said.
He continued, "This is actually how God first loved us. That when we were in great need and alone, that he welcomed us into his family. And so we see what we're doing is just a small reflection of the way that we have first been loved."
Last month, 80 members of Congress also signed a letter urging President Trump to protect religious adoption agencies.
The letter read, "Unfortunately, the unimaginable is happening and faith-based child welfare organizations are being targeted, bullied, and silenced across the country. We urge your support and swift action to protect these organizations who serve our children."

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