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Taco Bell Manager's Quick Action Saves Life of Baby Who Stops Breathing

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A Pennsylvania Taco Bell manager didn't know she'd be saving a baby's life when she went to work recently, but thanks to her quick action an 11-week-old who was once blue and lifeless is now thriving. 

Natasha Long pulled up to the Richboro Taco Bell drive-thru Saturday afternoon and turned to see her young son, Myles, struggling to breathe and turning blue. 

Manager Becky Arbaugh heard the mother's cries of distress and immediately threw off her headset and sprang into action. 

"I heard a scream and then someone yelled out, 'Call 911 the baby isn't breathing'," the manager told "Good Morning America."

The mom was panicked. I told her to give him to me and I performed CPR," Arbaugh recalled.

Surveillance footage caught the dramatic moment and thankfully the baby began to breathe again. 

When paramedics arrived they told Arbaugh that she saved the baby's life.  

The manager mom of four told GMA she knows how to perform CPR "because my daughter had issues when she was little, I had to do CPR on her a few times."

She also said she knew what Long was going through. 

"I was trying to calm her down and comfort her and reassure her that he will be fine," she said. 

Myles was transported to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children for treatment, but it is unclear what caused him to stop breathing, ABC News reports.

Long recounts the experience saying it was as if a guardian angel appeared out of nowhere to save her son's life. 

"We couldn't be more grateful to Becky," said Long. "She saved my son's life."

Arbaugh doesn't think of herself as a hero, but just one mom helping another mom. 

"I knew how that was and I heard it and I felt it instantly and I had to go and help her cause I knew, it's painful. You're just so helpless as a mom when that happens," she said. 

The pair have become fast friends as Long continues to update Arbaugh on Myles' recovery. 

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Taco Bell told ABC News, "We are incredibly proud of Becky -- for her heroic act earlier this week. We are getting in touch to express appreciation for her quick actions and kindness."

On top of that, Arbaugh said she has received calls and emails "from so many of my Taco Bell family."

"I am so proud to be part of Taco Bell," she said.

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