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Students Bring Faith Back into the Classroom With 'Bring Your Bible to School Day'


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In a time where religious freedoms are questioned in every arena and prayer is being challenged on campuses nationwide, one group of students is determined to let their light shine. 

Children across the nation participated in Focus on the Family's fourth annual "Bring Your Bible to School Day" Thursday. 

Here are just a few photos trending on social media of children bringing their Bibles to school.

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Spokesman Candi Cushman says bringing a Bible to school is an opportunity for students ranging from kindergarten to college to share their faith in Christ.

"We have some great stories from kids even as young as kindergarten taking their Bibles to school and just reading it out loud with their friends at recess," Cushman told CBN News.  

"There are thousands of students joining them across the nation and groups like Focus on the Family are standing behind them and praying for them."

Cushman also says students shouldn't worry about violating any laws by bringing their personal Bibles to school.

"People don't know that students have that basic right to bring their Bibles to school. Students tell us themselves that 'before this event I thought my Bible was banned,'" she says. "That's just not accurate."

"We have several decades of federal court rulings. This is a well-established constitutional right that kids can bring their personal Bible to school," Cushman adds.

She says students can even have their Bible out on their desk and discuss scripture with their classmates.

"They can have it on their desks during free reading time, they can read it during free time, they can talk about it with their friends during free periods as well before and after class," Cushman explains. "As long as they are not disrupting instruction time and are being respectful of that and respectful to their peers."

Cushman says Bring Your Bible to School Day is a symbol of faith and freedom.

"This is an event that is a visual reminder to students of their basic right to freely live out their faith."

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