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'This Is Straight-Up Child Abuse': Parents Raising 'Theybies' Not 'Babies,' Letting Kids Choose Their Gender


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Some parents across the country are deliberately keeping their child's sex hidden and are instead raising so-called "theybies" rather than "babies."

From birth, these supposedly "gender-less" kids are given they/them pronouns rather than he/she.  And the children are the ones who decide how they want to be identified.  

On a recent edition of Tucker Carlson's Fox News program, magazine publisher and liberal commentator Cathy Areu defended the idea.

"It's about allowing the baby to decide what gender that baby wants to be when that baby can decide, which is around four years old," she said. "So from zero to four, the baby will not be labeled."

The issue has been the subject of debate on social media. 

Laura Perry, a woman who lived a transgender lifestyle for years, living as a man instead of her biological gender, equated the whole idea with child abuse. 

"Now apparently we are supposed to allow children to choose their gender at the age of 4," she said in a post on Facebook in which she shared the video of Areu's appearance on Carlson's show.  

"Some of the comments on this video are brilliant. Parents brought up great points about many kids at that age believe they are dogs, cats, and even fantasy creatures such as unicorns. Now I would point out how insane that would be to let them choose their own species, but based on the fact that "trans-species" is already a thing in some circles, I feel it may be more prophetic than crazy... but this is straight up child abuse to allow a child to choose their own gender. They shouldn't be choosing their own diet at that age much less how they want to change their anatomy. Since when did the children become the parents? Parents have been reduced to babysitters rather than teachers (among many other roles, obviously). We are to teach the children what is true!" 

Dr. Quentin Van Meter, of the American College of Pediatricians said parents who choose this for their children will subject them to criticism and bullying.

"Parents who do this are purposely putting their children in a situation where they're going to come to a harm, that's why it's abusive," he told CBN News.

In a previous interview, Perry pointed out to CBN News the danger of choosing your own gender saying, "A lot of people these days tell me, 'Well that's good for you, whatever makes you happy,' and me leaving that lifestyle had nothing to do with me being happy. It was extremely hard for me to leave it. I did not want to be a girl. I had no desire at the time to be a girl but it was really about surrendering to Christ."

"It wasn't about what I felt or what I wanted. It was about what God wanted and he has redeemed and changed my heart more than I ever could have imagined," she explained.

Meanwhile, some parents continue with their plan to let their child choose their own gender. One mother on Instagram posts pictures of her daughter whom she calls a "theyby."


Me and sweet Ember! #latergram #queermoms #theybies

A post shared by Blue Crow (@lovemotionstory) on

"Me and sweet Ember!" she said in a recent post using the hashtags #latergram #queermoms #theybies. 

Some voiced opposition to the post. "Genitals define gender," one person commented.

Experts point out the harms of "theybies" and gender ideology.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, said to tell children that they were possibly born in the wrong body "disrupts the very foundation of a child's reality testing." 

"If a child can't trust the reality of their physical bodies, who or what can they trust?" she asks in a Daily Signal video.



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