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'Some Kids Even Have Two Moms!': Trailer for New 'Peanuts' Mother's Day Special Raises Eyebrows

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A new TV special celebrating Mother’s Day and featuring characters from the beloved “Peanuts” comic strip will reportedly also commemorate same-sex families.

The trailer for “Snoopy Presents To Mom (and Dad), with Love,” set to premiere on Apple TV this Friday, includes a line about “two moms.”

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The Christian Post reported the special is the “latest example of children’s programming incorporating LGBT-related content.”

The trailer mostly surrounds Peppermint Patty’s uncomfortableness with Mother’s Day, as she notes she misses her mom and never really had one.

“My dad does all that mom stuff for me,” Peppermint Patty proclaims. “For Mother’s Day, I’m going to celebrate my dad.”

The dialogue that comes next centers on different types of mothers and, inevitably, same-sex parents.

“There are all types of moms, right?” Peppermint Patty asks. Marcie answers, “Of course! Some kids even have two moms.”

It’s unclear how much the special focuses in on same-sex parenthood, but the mention has obviously garnered headlines.

“Peanuts” creator Charles M. Schulz, who died in 2000, was a Christian in his early years, and his work sometimes reflected associated ideals. For instance, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” which first aired in 1965, dealt with Charlie Brown’s dissatisfaction with the commercialization of Christmas.

The 25-minute special included an epic line from Linus, who recited and explained what “Christmas is really all about”:

It’s hard to imagine anything similar to this inspiring Linus commentary happening in a mainstream special today.

Instead, culture is steeped in progressive ideals, and secular standards are essentially what are most routinely expressed in Hollywood, media, and many classrooms.

The “Snoopy Presents To Mom (and Dad), with Love” special comes as debates rage over LGBTQ content aimed at children in classrooms and entertainment. From the battle over Disney and Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law to overarching media and education concerns, this will likely only fuel the ongoing fire.

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