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'Show the Redemption of Jesus Christ': Ex Devil Worshipper Calls on Churches to Evangelize, Not Celebrate Halloween

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As Halloween approaches on Thursday, thousands of witches recently plotted to cast a "binding spell" against President Trump.
CBN News has reported on stories of how witches have been increasing their political involvement since Trump was elected. This comes at a time when witchcraft is on the rise in America and reportedly is the fastest growing religion in the country.
And when it comes to celebrating Halloween, there is growing debate within the church over whether Christians should celebrate the tradition.

On this week's episode of the CBN News show Prayer Link, former satanic high priest John Ramirez shared some of the things he once practiced on Halloween, including having a demonic wedding. 

"Animal sacrifices, rituals and many people that were high ranked devil worshippers, mediums and warlocks and witches came to my wedding because they were able to channel demons and principalities through their bodies to baptize and bless my wedding," explained Ramirez.  

The former Satanist also pushed back against the idea that there is no harm in Christians celebrating Halloween.

"How is it that we're going to be in a place of saluting and honoring the devil when October is witchcraft month?  I lived it for 25 years," said Ramirez.  "I practiced it for 25 years. So, you're going to come out of left field and you never lit up a candle, killed animals, drank animal blood. You never sat down with the devil and you're going to tell me that Halloween is okay? I think you're very delusional as a believer."

Ramirez also opposes churches hosting alternatives to Halloween including harvest festivals. He encourages Christians to use the day to focus on evangelism and prayer instead.

"If I was a pastor and I was going to do something to attract people, I would do maybe a production that would draw people, to show the graphic and the grossness of the dark side of Halloween and then show the redemption of Jesus Christ and then do an altar call," he said.  "Why would I bring candy and pumpkins into the church?"

He added, "You might as well tell the devil to come in and join you. That's what you're doing. You're inviting the devil into your church. You're inviting the devil the partake of your congregation, your flock, your children. 

"I don't care if you're dressing your children up like Noah or Abraham, you're changing their identity because it is the string that ties you to the enemy that you're celebrating somehow, some form. Maybe not directly, but indirectly you're celebrating something that is so demonic that you can't put your finger on it," Ramirez explained.        


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