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Secret to 80 Years of Marriage: 'Put God First'

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A Michigan couple is celebrating a huge milestone: 80 years of marriage.

Donald and Vivian Hart, both 99 years old, married in 1937. They met in church and have been in love ever since.

Their chance meeting happened after a Sunday morning service when Vivian and her friends, all of whom were out-of-towners, needed help to find their way home. 

Donald stepped in and walked them where they needed to go. 

"We were just going to [walk] a little ways and then quit, but we ended up going all the way," he said.
Eight decades laters, family and friends gathered at their assisted living home to celebrate with the couple, who shared their secret of a successful marriage.

"Make sure the relationship is honest. Try to do what is right in God's eyes," Don says. "It's good to laugh together. Have fun with each other, but don't make jokes at the expense of the other."

Vivian says, "Always be sure to put God first in your life. Be always willing to help and stay alert to your spouse. We have prayer every day together in the morning and the night. We don't keep our mind on our troubles."

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