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'Satan's Dare': This Tea Party Leader Took on the GOP, Now He Calls the Church to Action

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ABOVE: Watch Jim DeMint's interview on the 700 Club on Tuesday morning. 

Jim DeMint has made his mark in American life in countless ways, first, as a successful businessman, then as a member of the House of Representatives, and eventually serving two terms in the U.S. Senate where he represented South Carolina. 

During that time, he shook up the world of politics as a leader of the Tea Party movement and someone who challenged the Republican Party establishment. 

Now, he's challenging us in a different way. His new book, Satan's Dare, may be a fictional novel but it's filled with plenty of truth. It centers on important questions about God's existence, whether science disproves Creation and why we go through so much suffering. 

The title itself reveals a central theme – it comes from the first chapter of Job where Satan dares God to remove the blessings of Job because Satan is sure Job will curse God if that happens. 

Right now in America, blessings seem to be in short supply as many Christians see an America in decline, plagued by division and violence. And they see a church in decline too which makes the answers inside Satan's Dare a crucial book coming at a very crucial time.  

"America is in decline and chaos because the Christian church is in decline," DeMint told CBN's Pat Robertson. "We can explain the Christian church's decline by its leadership not defending the basic truths of our faith, that there is a God, that God created this whole physical world, the Bible is true, and Jesus is the only way to that new heaven that the Bible talks about." 

He pointed to many of the underlying problems, like removing God from America's education system. "Our children have been attending schools for decades that teach them that we are accidentally here, random evolution, there's nothing about God," DeMint said. 

"As a body of Christ, we need to be much more active praying, active as stewards with our government and our communities, and I'm convinced that if folks take the time to read this that they'll not only enjoy the story, they will see themselves in it, and a lot of the suffering that we all go through, but they'll come out convinced that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives," he concluded.

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