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Satanists Sue to Force Elementary School to Allow 'After School Satan Club' - Their Goal? To Tell Kids 'There Is No Hell'

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The Satanic Temple is filing a lawsuit against an elementary school in Pennsylvania after the Northern York County School Board voted last week not to allow an After School Satan Club.

WHP-TV reports the satanic organization says the main issue is whether the board discriminated against them by allowing some after-school clubs but not the Satanic Temple's club.

The Satanic Temple's general counsel Mathew Kezhaya tells WHP that the group's after-school clubs deserve equal access under the First Amendment. At the same time, the group's website points out their opposition to the Good News Club, a Christian after-school club that meets in certain public schools. 

The After School Satan Club says its mission is to promote rational thought, not Satanism. But a promotional video the group created includes the following lyrics sung in a catchy, semi-animated video that's aimed at encouraging young children to embrace Satan as an imaginary friend: 

"Satan's not an evil guy, 
he wants you to learn and question why, 
he wants you to have fun and be yourself, 
and by the way, there is no hell.

Science is important,
so we understand the world,
Satan looks for truth,
Let's help him, boys and girls...

...Everyone is different,
And that's ok with Satan,
He'll always treat you equal,
Whether you're black, white, or gay."

The video repeatedly states "there is no hell" and goes on the claim that "Satan doesn't actually exist, he's an imaginary friend..." 

As CBN News reported last week, hundreds of parents applauded when the school board voted 8-1 to block a request for the satanic club at Northern Elementary School in Dillsburg. 

Read more about the case HERE.

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