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Ray Comfort Reports Richard Dawkins' Right-Hand Man Has Reportedly Put His Faith in Jesus

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Popular evangelist Ray Comfort on Wednesday teased a captivating video he said would soon be coming to his ministry’s YouTube channel — an interview he believes will deeply inspire Christian audiences.

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Recently, Richard Dawkins’ right-hand man contacted the ministry and said that he (the man, not Dawkins) had put his faith in Jesus,” Comfort wrote in a Facebook post, which quickly started gaining traction. “We flew him out to our studio, and yesterday spent the morning getting the inside story for a documentary for our YouTube channel.”

Comfort told CBN’s Faithwire the man reached out to his ministry team at Living Waters and said he had worked closely with Dawkins — an evolutionary biologist and famous atheist — for four years before the unnamed former staffer became a Christian.

“He said that he had put his faith in Jesus, adding that he produced a number of his documentaries, and he even said that the famous atheist had dedicated one of his bestselling books to him,” Comfort said. “I was very skeptical, but after some research, I found that what he said was true.”

Comfort and his team recently flew the man out to their TV studio in Southern California and “got the inside story of his conversion to Christ” while also learning about his relationship with Dawkins.

“It’s a fascinating story, and one we’re putting together for a documentary that we’re going to put on the Living Waters Youtube channel in the very near future,” Comfort said.

The evangelist also said the man was part of Dawkins’ team during what Comfort called “the banana man fiasco.” Years ago, Dawkins reportedly gave Comfort the nickname “banana man” and other prominent atheists used the label to demean Comfort.

The Christian leader said he found it amazing and ironic this former Dawkins staffer was “in the inner circle” when that debacle unfolded. Comfort previously made a documentary titled “The Fool: Why Ray Comfort Is Atheism’s #1 Clown” to show how God used the “banana man” situation for good.

“Now, with this interview with someone so close to Dawkins, it dovetails the two stories,” Comfort said. “I think Christians are going to be greatly encouraged by what they see and hear.”

Comfort is encouraging people to stay tuned to the Living Waters YouTube channel for more.

The video will certainly be intriguing, especially in light of the individual’s purported connection to Dawkins, one of the world’s most famous – and infamous — atheists.

“The God Delusion” author is known, in addition to advocating secularism, for making public proclamations on various social issues.

Dawkins has riled critics for framing abortion as a means to ending “human suffering,” and has said it’s wise to abort unborn babies with Down syndrome.

And he has openly worried about the impact of religious indoctrination.

Yet he’s also made headlines of late for seemingly flouting progressive talking points on gender, arguing “there are two sexes.” Despite his famed atheism, he’s even admitted that eliminating God from the public consciousness would pose major problems.

Be praying for Comfort’s team and for the unnamed man speaking out, as this interview will receive a lot of attention. It will be intriguing to see what God does through the story.

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