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Pro-Life Groups Feel Almost Like They're Playing 'Whack-a-Mole' as Late-Term Abortionist Keeps Popping Up

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BETHESDA, MARYLAND — Pro-lifers in Montgomery County, Maryland can't seem to get rid of one of the country's most notorious late-term abortionists.  

In September, they thought they'd seen the last of LeRoy Carhart when they bought and shut down the abortion clinic Carhart was using in Germantown, Maryland.  But now he's back, just a few miles away in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of the nation's capitol.

Carhart was expected to start up his latest abortion practice Tuesday, but was met by dozens of pro-life protestors outside the building that houses the practice.   

That's where the Family Research Council's Arina Grossu called Carhart, "One of the few notorious late-term abortionists left in America.  For second-trimester abortions, they rip apart the baby limb from limb and the baby bleeds to death.  And in third-trimester, they poison the baby in the heart.  So these are really particularly gruesome abortions that he specializes in."

"He performs abortions through all nine months of pregnancy," Lauren Handy of Mercy Missions D.C. told CBN News.

And if that's not bad enough, Handy said any abortions Carhart performs at this time might be illegal.

"As of right now that we know of, open records show that he's unlicensed," she said.  "And so he's circumventing regulations that were passed in 2012."

And that revelation may be what led Carhart, at least for Tuesday, to cancel all the abortions he had scheduled for the day.

Operation Rescue investigators discovered Carhart's new facility had failed to obtain a license to operate, as Maryland law requires.    

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is claiming a victory against Carhart, but added, "We have only won the first round of what we expect will be a tough fight to protect babies and their mothers from Carhart's shoddy abortion practices."

On that subject, Grossu said of Carhart, "He's already hurt 10 women in his time at Germantown and sent them by ambulance to the nearest hospital.   And because of an abortion he did on Jennifer Morbelli, she passed away back in 2013."

At a news conference during the pro-life protest, Michele Hendrickson of Students of Life for America stated,  "Too far and too long has Carhart gone unnoticed in the state of Maryland and we are going to expose the truth and put an end to Carhart's late-term abortion practice in this state."

Hendrickson had a couple of shocking anecdotes about Carhart.

“I actually met LeRoy Carhart,” she told the crowd and assembled media.   “The impression he left on me, I will never forget.” 

Hendrickson said she heard him talk at a Med Students for Choice dinner she infiltrated at Johns Hopkins Medical University.

“He prided himself on how many abortions he did.  He couldn’t even recount the exact number,” she remembered.  "He gave us a range from 80,000 to 100,000 abortions that he himself has partaken in.”

After the dinner, one of Hendrickson’s friends who led the Students for Life chapter at Johns Hopkins approached Carhart and asked him if he’s a man of faith and, if so, how he could reconcile his faith and his doing abortions.

Hendrickson recalled, “What Carhart said back to us was that he believes he’s doing God’s work.  Friends, I just want that to sit in your heart for a minute.  Because it should make your heart ache as much as it does mine.”

She concluded, "The dedication that he has to wake up every day and be committed to these gruesome late-term abortions that betray women; how much more so should we be dedicated…to come out here every day that Carhart is here and cover this place in prayer?"

Maryland may be one of the states with the fewest restrictions on late-term abortions, but pro-life groups at the Tuesday protest said they're going to keep the pressure on as long as it takes to get rid of Carhart's latest practice. 

As Grossu put it, "We are looking to make sure this place doesn't stay open because it's going to cause a lot of women pain, both physical and spiritual."

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