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Pro-Life Coffee Co. Donates $100,000 to Pregnancy Centers Since Roe v. Wade's Reversal

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An up-and-coming pro-life coffee business, Seven Weeks Coffee, has donated over $100,000 to pro-life pregnancy care centers since Roe v. Wade's reversal, and over $125,000 since the company's establishment in late 2021.

Why the name, Seven Weeks Coffee? 

Anton Krecic, founder and CEO, explained: "At seven weeks, a baby is the size of a coffee bean and it's the same time a mother has their first ultrasound. This is why we donate 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers to support their ultrasound services!" 

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The pro-life ministry has seen substantial growth while holding to its faith-based mission: "To promote godly values, provide excellent coffee, and protect every beating heart."

Krecic started Seven Weeks Coffee after volunteering at pro-life pregnancy centers and deciding that he, too, wanted to make an impact in the lives of mothers.

"Pregnancy care centers are the hands and feet of the pro-life movement. They are at the frontlines – helping women in need and defending life. It takes practical resources to meet families at their point of need, and we are privileged to help in a tangible way," he said.

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Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, supporting pro-life pregnancy centers has become more imperative. To help accommodate the inevitable influx of expectant mothers who would have otherwise had an abortion, Seven Weeks Coffee has streamlined its partnership process for pregnancy centers.

Partners will receive a unique link for their website that will automatically allocate 10% of each sale to the partner. Partners also receive discounted coffee for their office spaces and annual cash grants.

And who says business can't be fun? Seven Weeks Coffee boasts a vibrant Instagram presence with creative reels and updates on pro-life legislation throughout the country. Patrons routinely post their coffee and Seven Weeks Coffee merchandise such as shirts, mugs, and hats to their social media reels – many of which are often re-shared to Seven Weeks Coffee's main account.

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Since its founding, Seven Weeks Coffee has garnered over 25,000 customers, and they have not been shy about their enthusiasm, with complimentary reviews saying, "It's the perfect start to my day AND it's a company that I can be proud to support!" and "This coffee not only is delicious, but it also saves lives."

Krecic and his wife, Christa, a registered nurse, are in the fight for the long haul. 

"I believe abortion is coming to an end, and I believe we need to be ready to help women who face unplanned pregnancies….that's why we are here. In my opinion, it's all hands on deck to fight for life."

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