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Pro-Life Advocates Sound Alarms on 'Lies' and 'Fear-Mongering' in Pro-Abortion Ads 

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President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are kicking off their 2024 campaign by putting abortion access front and center.  

Biden and Harris are making their first, joint 2024 campaign appearance in northern Virginia today at an event focused on reproductive rights, as their campaign makes extensive ad buys in swing states highlighting what they claim are Republicans' extreme views on abortion. 

Biden met with members of his task force on reproductive rights on Monday, the anniversary of Roe v Wade. "Congress must codify Roe v Wade for all the states in America," said Biden. "Stop playing politics with women's lives and freedom." 

Meanwhile, Harris went to Wisconsin on her first stop on a national reproductive rights tour where she labeled Republicans as extremists who are threatening freedom in the United States. 

"In the United States Congress, extremists are trying to pass a national abortion ban to outlaw abortion in every single state," declared Harris. 

While Democrats are betting big on abortion rights galvanizing voters to head to the polls in November, pro-life advocates believe the issue should be a top priority, too.

"We cannot hide away from the issue of pro-life," E.V. Osment from Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America told CBN News. "Even recent polling shows that Americans want significant limits on abortion by the first trimester, right around there. So we have really got to work with that and help people understand that this is important, and there is consensus if we work for it."

While Biden and Harris both claim abortion is a losing issue for Republicans, Osment tells CBN News that in recent elections, abortion rights groups dramatically outspent pro-life groups, and used deceptive ads to sway public opinion. 

"Ohio in particular, they declared to women across the state that if you don't vote for this, you will not be able to get miscarriage care," explained Osment. "That is so misleading and a blatant lie that the Ohio A.G. had to come out and speak out against it, so we have got to fight back against these lies and the fear-mongering from the left and pro-abortion side."

Jeanne Mancini from March for Life says there's a lot of confusion in our culture around abortion. 

"Really the confusion is whether or not abortion is good for women, and spoiler alert – it's not," Mancini told CBN News. "We have our work cut out for us to change hearts and minds and to educate on this issue."

This year's march was themed "With Every Woman, For Every Child," and it drew tens of thousands of supporters marching through the snow in Washington, D.C.

The pro-life movement is also working to educate the public about the free resources available before, during, and after pregnancy that support not just babies, but women, too. 

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