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Pompeo Defends Trump Legacy and God's Plan for America: 'I Know He's Watching Over Us'

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Mike Pompeo has always been a straight-shooter, and when he sat for a news one-on-one interview with CBN News, the former Secretary of State didn't disappoint. 

One of the things on his mind: a new administration that he says doesn't seem to be putting America first. 

"The big picture challenge is that they just think about America's place in the world so differently than the Trump administration did," Pompeo tells CBN News. "We had 'America First' at the center of everything we did. Our task, my duty as a secretary of state was to protect and defend and make prosperous the United States of America first and always, and when we did that, good things happen around the world, we were a force for good. This administration seems to have a different set of priorities."  
Chief among Pompeo's concerns is Joe Biden's views on Iran. 

"We saw last week that they gave a wink and a nod to what appears to be enormous financial relief to the Iranian regime," he says. "We put massive pressure on the regime and it looks like they're going to allow billions of dollars of wealth to go from South Korea and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) into Iran and essentially, take a foot off the stranglehold that we had on the Iranian regime. This is not a good start."  

When asked point black if he was concerned about the appeasement of Iran when it comes to the Biden administration, Pompeo replied directly, "Yes, I am."  

The issues surrounding Iran are tied directly to the security of Israel, a situation that concerns him greatly now that the Biden team is in charge. When asked whether he believes the Biden administration may not be pro-Israel, Pompeo didn't hold back. "I do worry," he says. "Historically, it's been bipartisan. It hasn't been a Republican deal or Democrat deal. Americans understood that Israel was this special place that we all knew and loved and was a great security partner and a great economic partner on top of all of that. This administration was awfully slow on the drop with respect to Israel."  

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Pompeo also has concerns about China. Before he left his post in January, he questioned whether COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan. To this day, he still thinks it very possible. "We don't know for sure but there's ample evidence and a cover-up that probably is worse than the initial problem set inside the lab that we know," Pompeo tells CBN News. "We know these Chinese labs that were doing this, by our research, have had escapes before. We know that they were working on things that were of the nature that could have led to this."  
Nowadays, Pompeo is getting his voice out in different ways, by joining a couple of think tanks and on the speaking circuit. At the recent CPAC conference, Pompeo pleased the crowd, even placing in the top five of a 2024 presidential straw poll. For now, he's focused on helping the GOP win back Congress in 2022. 

Pompeo has stood side-by-side with Donald Trump and has a message for those Trump critics. "It's an enormous head-scratcher for me when people waver about the legacy of the work that President Trump and our team did for these past four years," he says. "It's the right direction. It's the direction the conservative movement needs to continue to head and when I see Republicans step away, and not embrace what is right for the American people and for our movement, I just don't get it."  
As for those Americans who came to peacefully protest the election on January 6th, he stands with them. "Those are folks who just wanted to come express their enormous disappointment with the outcome from the election," he says. "The fact that they weren't giving up, they were still in the fight and I want to be alongside that. I want to be with them in that fight."  
He is also taking a stand on faith, especially America's Judeo-Christian history. When asked what has happened to this country from a spiritual standpoint, Pompeo spoke clearly. "I know He's watching over us," Pompeo tells CBN News. "This is a very special nation that I have been so privileged to grow up in and to be a part of. It's given me so much and so many people so much. Second, those of us who believe that, those of us who understand the founding and understand the Judeo-Christian traditions of the United States of America, have every responsibility to be bold, to speak about this, to be proud of this heritage and to continue to build on it. When we do, those voices will be heard and America will continue to be the greatest nation in the history of civilization. I'm very confident of that."

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