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'Before the Polls Even Close': Anti-Trump Groups Plot to Shutdown DC and Spark National 'Uprising' After Election

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Ringleaders of protesters are organizing an effort to "make sure Trump leaves the White House" by any means necessary after the Nov. 3 election, according to website posts from the group Shut Down DC and their allies. 

The Federalist reports it found the group's plans on an Oct. 13 version of their webpage. 

"We can't anticipate exactly how Trump and his enablers will try to attack democracy (although we have been gaming out a number of different scenarios), but we know that the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and wait. That's why we're making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way," the group had on its website with images stored on internet archive records

The webpage claims, "Trump has shown that he will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power. Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action." 

The ShutDown DC group is linked to earlier protests at the homes of Trump administration officials, according to The Federalist

On the webpage, they tell their supporters to come to the Black Lives Matter Plaza.  The plaza was the scene of rioting over the summer and the resulting damage done to St. John's Church building just down the street from the White House. 

"On Election Day, when you're done voting, doing election protection, or getting out the vote, come join us at Black Lives Matter Plaza. We're inviting everybody who agrees with these organizing principles to work together to make this uprising happen. We're going to make sure Trump leaves. From election night on, as the situation changes and evolves we all work together to make that happen," they tell their supporters on the webpage.  

The group also tells its followers that if they are not in DC, "Organize in your community! Find out where the votes will be counted where you live. Make a plan with others to get there and stay until all the votes are counted. And come up with a plan to create serious disruption if Trump really tries to steal the election!"

"Be ready to block a highway (or all the highways in your town), shut down a port, occupy your state capitol, do whatever it takes! We hope to be able to offer training and support to groups outside DC that share our principles."

In addition, the group lays out its plans for its followers with a "Call To Action." On Nov. 4 - 7, the group outlines it's "ready to do whatever it takes!"

"In the days following the election, we'll continue to come out into the streets every day to respond to rapidly changing events. We may be waiting for votes to be counted or we may be responding to major attacks on democracy. Over the next few weeks we'll use our Spokes Council process to plan actions that are flexible and can scale to respond to a lot of different scenarios," the webpage reads. 

Then on Nov. 8 - 11, there will be "no more business as usual," the group's webpage states as they plan to meet members of Congress coming back in town for the lame-duck session.

"The week after the election members of Congress (many of whom will have just been voted out of office) are coming back to DC to go back into session. If Trump is trying to launch a coup, that's no time for business as usual. We'll meet them at the train station or the airports or if they drive into town we can meet them at their homes. And if Trump has already conceded, then we can pivot and use these actions to demand COVID-19 relief and other essential legislation!" the webpage reads.

A slideshow also posted on the group's website alleges they're working with leftist groups around the nation to prepare for Trump to "steal the election" and attempt a "coup," according to the Federalist.

Links on the page also point the user how to "get trained up," including Street Smarts and Direct Action training, timeline to a meltdown simulation, and escalating resistance in times of crisis: mass rebellion training. 

Supporters are also encouraged to find their affinity group with a link provided. 

The Shut Down DC group's Facebook page also has links and posts about upcoming training scheduled this week. The group also posted an image of a mob protesting outside of Sen. Lindsay Graham's (R-SC) house before sunrise. They were protesting Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination. 

"We protested outside Lindsey Graham's DC residence because he's undermining democracy by jamming through another right-wing Supreme Court justice," the post reads.

It's also interesting to note a few of the responses to the post. One user named Roger Arnold wrote, "Hey, morons, are you saying that following the Constitution is destroying democracy? You geniuses do realize we don't live in a democracy, right?"

Another user Michael Crossland also responded, "We are not a democracy we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC."

And another user Denise Scarbrough White also wrote, "Seriously..this is the group that is a threat LOL What a bunch of spoiled brats."

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