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Pastors Kicked Out of Capitol Center for 'Appeal to Heaven'


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A group of pastors were forced to find a different location for a racial reconcilation event in the Washington, D.C., because their theme included "an appeal to heaven."

The pastors were originally granted approval to use the Congressional Auditorium in the Washington D.C. Capitol Visitors Center Wednesday. But they were told last Friday they must eliminate reference to heaven from their theme title.

"We never misled anyone about the theme. Congressman Bob Goodlatte secured the auditorium for us and he knew what the theme was," event host Bishop E.W. Jackson said.

"The event was created as a positive and unifying response to the incidents in Ferguson and Staten Island which sparked protests and riots around the country," he said.

"Given the ugly rhetoric by the likes of Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, we thought they would welcome our call for unity, healing, and reconciliation. But instead we faced suspicion and resistance," he added.

Why are the pastors, who are promoting racial reconciliaiton, being met with suspicion? Bishop Harry Jackson, from the Reconciled Church, spoke with CBN News about this and more. Click play to watch.

The event has since been relocated to the Hilton Washington at 7 p.m., Feb. 25.

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