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'Only God Can Turn It Around': Franklin Graham to Lead America in Prayer, Points to US Riots as Communist Tactic

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WASHINGTON – Evangelist Franklin Graham calls the November race the "most critical election of our lifetime" and urges the nation to come together to pray. 

"So much is at stake and I think only God can change this and turn it around," Graham told CBN News.

Graham announced Saturday that he will lead a prayer march in Washington, DC next month. 

"It's just all of us marching together, participating together, praying for our nation that God will turn the hearts of our politicians give wisdom and protection for our leaders," Graham said. "I believe this is the only hope. Whether it is hundreds or thousands or a hundred thousand it's just all of us coming together and doing this in Jesus's name."

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The march will take place 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EDT on September 26, less than two months before the presidential election. 

"The country has to make a decision as it relates to socialism," Graham said. "Socialism is a precursor to communism and it's amazing that our politicians are flirting with communism. The anarchy that we see in the cities in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago – this is something, a tactic, communists used in the last century to take over nations by creating anarchy."

On an unrelated issue, Graham also spoke with CBN News about Liberty University's announcement naming Dr. Jerry Prevo as interim president.

"I know him very well, one of my closest friends, and I know the University is going to be in good hands," Graham said.

Prevo is now serving as acting president after Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s leave of absence. "I think he made the right decision in stepping down," Graham said. 

Falwell faced intense backlash after sharing a questionable photo with a young woman. The Christian college "requested that Jerry Falwell, Jr., take an indefinite leave of absence from his roles as president and chancellor of Liberty University." 

"Very saddened by what has occurred, I certainly don't support Jerry Falwell's actions," Graham said. "We just pray for Jerry Jr., his wife, and family, God will bring them through this storm they find themselves in."

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