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'Nothing Is Impossible With God': Addictions Broken, Hearts Born Again at Latest Revivals

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The broken, lost, and lonely came out this weekend to attend worship evangelist Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" revival tour in Southern California. 

Feucht and his team turned a century-old amphitheater in Fairmount Park into a holy place on Saturday where hundreds of people came to pray and worship together.

"We're here in a 100-year-old outdoor theater in a park in Riverside and God is moving in Southern California. He loves California," Feucht said in a video shared on Instagram. "God is pouring out His Spirit. Where the enemy is coming like a flood, He's raising up a standard. People all over this park are giving their lives to Jesus right this very moment. People are giving their hearts to Jesus."

People of all ages, races, and backgrounds held hands while lifting up the name of Jesus. God's love flooded their hearts, leading many to release the burdens they'd been carrying to seek salvation in Christ.

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Then "Let Us Worship" traveled to Fresno City Hall on Sunday where more powerful moments of God's redemptive healing were seen.

"People ran down during worship throwing on stage anything holding them back from Jesus - cigarettes, vapes, beer, drugs and more," Feucht wrote on Instagram.


He explained that many of the lost souls who attend these gatherings would never set foot in a church, which is why these worship events are always outside.

"This is why we love doing this outdoors because we're able to reach so many people that would never come inside a church but they're here in the park," he said. "Nothing is impossible with God. No place is too hard. No place is too dark. God can do anything, anywhere."

God's love is mending the brokenhearted and miracles continue to take place during these worship experiences.

Feucht started #LetUsWorship last summer as states were cracking down on churches and banning Sunday services. So he took his worship events on the road, traveling from state to state, as both a form of protest and as a way to spread revival around America. 

And he has no plans of stopping this effort of bringing restoration and hope to the heavyhearted. 

"We're just getting's just beginning. I feel an incredible grace and now more than ever, we gotta gather in the spirit of unity, to seek the face of the Lord and go after His Kingdom in this hour."

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