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Normalizing Abortion: A Tough Sell

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It's gotta be tough to be in the abortion business these days. Darn! Some things are just so obviously bad, the press has to report it. 

One of the latest unavoidable facts to make headlines was the grisly discovery of the remains of more than 2000 aborted babies, medically sealed and stored in cardboard boxes, in the garage of deceased abortion doctor, George Klopfer. Klopfer was the go-to guy for late-term abortions at his three Indiana clinics. And come on! It didn't help his cause or industry for us to find out how very strange and weird he must have been. His hoarding had to shock even the pro-aborts with just how gory a business he was in.

And then there's the hearing out in California of the two journalists who secretly recorded their conversations with abortion business folks, and low and behold, guess what they recorded? As I wrote in September, these practitioners of death to the unborn talked freely about how best to harvest the body parts of unborn babies – still alive – to get the biggest bucks. One said she was working toward getting a Lamborghini. 

Gosh! That can't be good for business if that gets out. Though the media is trying not to report it, the more the abortion crowd tries to deny what's on those tapes, the more attention it gets. A trial, which is likely, will make it abundantly clear what has been going on. 

And remember that dear Dr. Wen who tried to be the President of Planned Parenthood? She wanted so badly to focus on abortion as just another part of women's "health care" because she truly believes that. She wanted to de-politicize the nation's biggest abortion provider. But the PP Board was having none of it. She was not-so-politely let go in a move that showed clearly the Planned Parenthood leadership couldn't possibly de-emphasize their big cash cow, especially in light of Trump administration funding cuts, even though it might have helped them with public relations with those who might still be a bit squeamish about abortion. 

Then there's that feckless, goofy governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam. Even before he was seen in blackface, for a while he made headlines when he matter-of-factly talked about his support for abortion up until time of birth, as well as letting a baby who survived an abortion lie on the table ("keep the infant comfortable") until the mother could decide whether to allow the doctor to let it die, or help it live. That just wasn't good press. That really offended people's sensibilities. After all, folks can see for themselves now what's really happening.

That's because science (dare I say it?) may be giving abortion its worst rap yet. Technology is revealing in greater detail these days the wonder of the womb, and just what it is a woman has inside her body when she is pregnant. Ultrasounds show the development, now in 4D, of that unborn human being smiling at you, moving around, and sucking its thumb in real time. That's something pro-choicers used to get away with calling just a "blob of tissue." Doctors now even do surgery on that "blob" and you can see it for yourself on the internet. What a slap in the face to an industry that still tries to sell everyone that it doesn't matter anyway, ie. abortion good! And you just shouldn't believe your lying eyes.

So Hollywood has got to help spruce up the image of abortion by telling you what a positive good it is.  After all, you wouldn't want a tech-savvy younger generation to see all those 4D images of the unborn and start thinking abortion kills a human being. 

Hollywood's come up with a campaign to tell you how their own abortions were good for them. Fox News reported in May about Lindy West, the creator of the TV show Shrill and co-creator of the #ShoutYourAbortion movement, who says she wants to "normalize" abortion for viewers and make sure positive portrayals of abortion land on TV shows. Well, that just makes sense; otherwise, people might get the wrong idea and think, as she says, "it hurts, it's scary, and it's traumatic, and it's evil."

"We especially don't see anyone [on TV] have an abortion and be happy about it and say that it made their life better," West told Jezebel. "And I think that the more we normalize abortion, especially right now, the better."

You know, those who profit from abortion have got to be concerned. As I reported in September, state legislatures are passing stricter safety and sanitation regulations for abortion clinics (pro-choicers call them "TRAP" laws), and they are restricting when abortions can happen with laws like "heartbeat" bills and "fetal pain" bills that prohibit abortion after a heartbeat has been detected, or when it's known the unborn baby can feel pain. 

The pro-life movement has momentum, and now they have a formerly pro-choice President Trump who has spoken eloquently about how every human being – born and unborn – is created by God and has intrinsic value.

From the beginning, and even before Roe v Wade made abortion legal nationwide, that movement was led by Christians. Defense of the unborn and their mothers has become a powerful political movement, anchored in the Christian church, with prayer and passion fueling its success. 

All the more reason to try to appropriate, or misappropriate that powerful mantle. In my opinion, that's just what happened in McAllen, Texas earlier this week.

Channel 4 Valley Central News (KGBT) reports a group of abortion rights advocates gathered at the Whole Women's Health abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas on Wednesday, praying and singing, and blessing the abortion clinic. The message: "We do this to support the community, to tell women, to tell the world, that people of faith don't all think the same way about abortion," said Sonia Miller, with the Texas Freedom Network. 

Reverend Cari Jackson of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice told the gathering she wants to show the public a different vision of faith, one that supports abortion and changes the narrative that Christians must be pro-life. In fact, the reverend says legislation to restrict abortion is "ungodly." 

Sorry, Reverend Jackson. I know you probably mean well, but what you say doesn't change Scripture. The Bible is clear that God knows us before we even were formed in our mother's womb. (Ps. 139) Multiple Scriptures tell us not to shed innocent blood and to defend the defenseless. The whole message of the Bible is that we may be like the grass that withers and that will eventually die and blow away like dust, but Jesus loves this dust and gave His life to save us all from our sins. Throughout His ministry on earth, He acted for life – to heal it, sustain it, make it new, prosper it, and make it whole. And in His resurrection, He gave us life eternal, and the power to overcome difficulties that life on this earth throws our way.  Abortion says there is no hope, no help from God, and that He should have just stayed in the tomb, and you just need to take matters into your own hands and become your own God. 

I ain't buying your new narrative, Reverend Jackson. God bless you, and speak to you, and help you find your way. As long as there is life, there is hope.

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