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No Longer a 'Blob', Now She's a 'Baby': Late-Term Abortionist's 'Remembrances' Expose Schizophrenia of Abortion

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Early on in the battle over abortion, the talking points from the "pro-choice" side often referred to the unborn child as a "product of conception," or "just a blob of tissue." The purpose was to strip the unborn baby of its humanity, some would say, like the Nazis did when they called Jews "rats" or "vermin." The goal: All to make it easier to kill.

Even as recently as this past May, on Chris Cuomo's CNN prime time show, in a discussion of "fetal heartbeat bills," a CNN contributor and former New York City Democratic politician proclaimed that, "When a woman is pregnant, that is not a human being inside her."  

And then there's this... Back in April, Fox News reported about a pro-choice Boston College student who even denied the reality of a living baby who survived an abortion. In a Q & A with Students For Life President Kristan Hawkins, the student repeatedly declared that a baby who survives abortion should not be given medical care because it is "not a baby."   

But now with advances in medicine and technology like the ultrasounds that show just what IS in a mother's womb, it's getting harder and harder to score a win with that argument. So the abortion industry has adapted, with some acknowledging the humanity of the unborn, now even calling that former "product of conception" not just a "fetus" but an actual "baby."

One of them even seems to now recognize that abortion is a traumatic experience, trying to minimize the harm from that trauma.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is a well-known late-term abortionist  – one of the few in the country, who continues to perform abortions on babies who could soon be born. As reported by, Carhart offers a very comforting website for women who want to abort their fully formed, yet unborn babies. He specifically focuses on those with defects or abnormalities, but there is nothing on the website to indicate that those are the only late-term babies he is willing to abort. 

The website provides a brochure that eerily might be described as transforming the act of abortion into a sacred rite. 

It tells women they can hold their "baby" after "the delivery" or take a picture of their dead child home with them as a "remembrance." 

"Once the process of healing has begun," it opines, "you may want to consider a token of the precious time you and your baby had together."

It then details post-abortion services, i.e., "after delivery" services available to patients like, "viewing your baby; holding your baby; cremation services referral; funeral services referral; footprints; spiritual and ceremonial accommodations," and last, but not least, a "remembrance certificate."  

Pro-life advocates have long decried the schizophrenia of the abortion argument that in essence said, "If I don't want it, it's not a real baby," but if I do, "Hey, see this Instagram of me with my baby bump." Now one wonders what is worse: Denying it's a baby at all, or admitting she is and thinking it's ok to do away with her anyway.

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