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New 'Students for Life' Poll Finds Younger Generation Could be Most Pro-Life Ever

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The younger generation may become one of the most pro-life ever according to the organization Students for Life of America. 

A new poll by the group found that Millennials and Gen-Z's or Zoomers aren't as pro-abortion as often painted by the media and abortion supporters.

During an appearance on the Thursday edition of CBN's Newswatch program, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said the majority of those polled said abortion should not be permitted when a child's heartbeat has been detected about three weeks after conception. 

"That was the most shocking thing for us," Hawkins explained. "It is very much contrary to what you hear coming from the rhetoric from Planned Parenthood, from the Biden administration as to why they support such extremist of policies on abortion. To see that almost a half of these young people agree and think that this is common sense. That's significant for the future of the pro-life movement."

The poll also found younger pro-lifers are frustrated by the advance of the abortion agenda, and as America's newest voting block they want to be heard. 

Students for Life discovered about 80% of those polled do not want unlimited abortion through all nine months.

More than 7 out of 10 support limits on abortion and almost half support banning abortion once a heartbeat is detected.

Other findings by the poll show that the Hyde Amendment and Mexico City policy have support. Millennial and Gen Z taxpayers do not want their money used to pay for abortions, whether in the US (48%) or worldwide (53%).

When asked about her organization's focus with the new Biden administration, Hawkins told CBN News they are focusing on communities. 

"Presidential administrations come and go, but we know where we can make the biggest impact is in our states, right in our cities and with our churches," she noted. "We're actually activating what we are calling the Pro-Life Future campaign in 19 cities across the country... digital and on-the-ground work. We will be there persuading young people to change their minds about abortion. Educating citizens in a city, in a geographical region, about all of the alternatives that already exist and activating the church to stand up and speak against abortion."

Read the Students for Life poll.

This online quantitative research was conducted by The Polling Company between January 7 – 11, 2021 among 800 registered voters age 18 – 34. Respondents self-identified themselves as 30% Republican, 36% Democrat, and 34% Independent. Margin of error: ± 3.46%

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