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National Bible Bee Equips Kids to Know God's Word


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The 2016 National Bible Bee, a high-stakes competition where children share their bible knowledge, will broadcast live for an audience of thousands, this weekend. 

Children and parents alike will watch contestants as they show their skills in memorizing God's word for prizes totaling over $270,000. 

Keynote speakers will include Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby and chairman of the Museum of the Bible, and Ken Ham president and Chairman of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and the newly opened Ark Encounter.

Watch the National Bible Bee Live!

It has been a year-long journey for the 362 students who've arrived in San Antonio, Texas for the national competition. 

The 7 to 18 year-olds have committed more than 800 bible verses to memory and will test their knowledge as viewers watch through Facebook Live and

This competition will have audiences on the edge of their seats," says Emeal Zwayne, master of ceremonies for the National Bible Bee Competition. "We expect an entire new level of engagement with audiences through Facebook Live."

Zwayne told WND, a conservative news outlet, that the purpose of the competition is to have participants and viewers engage with the Word of God, pointing out that only 16 percent of churchgoers read the Bible regularly, and 25 percent never read it.

"The goal really is to encourage young people in their efforts to understand God's Word, and to inspire them to internalize it, and then to impact their lives," he said.

"Kids actually come to faith in Christ through participating in the National Bible Bee," he added.

Zwayne encouraged students and adults to sign up for the program, like Hannah Leary did. 

She is the 2015 winner of the National Bible Bee Game Show and one of this year's commentators for the National Bible Bee Competition.

"All the contestants know that the real prize of the National Bible Bee is the Word of God," she said. 

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