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Missouri Woman Who Testified of Near-Death Visit to Heaven Passes Away

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The Missouri woman who died for 11 minutes in 2019, went to Heaven, and came back to tell as many people as she could about her experience and share the love of Jesus, has passed away.

Charlottes Holmes' remarkable encounter with Jesus in heaven has touched thousands of people. And now she is back in her heavenly home. 

Her daughter, Chrystal Holmes Meek, posted on Facebook Wednesday that her mother passed away from a heart attack. 

"My Mom has went to her Heavenly Home that she told us all about! A massive heart attack took her last breath last night! I hurt, my family is hurting, but we each know where she is," she wrote. "Please keep my dad and the rest of us in your prayers."

Condolences are pouring in honoring her life and faith. 

"Your mama was a jewel," Lindsay Sallers wrote in response to the Facebook post. "She was loved and will be so missed. What an impact she has made for the kingdom of heaven. I dreamed about your mom all night long last night. She was sharing her story again of walking in heaven. I woke up this morning with thoughts of her, flooding my mind, and then received the news from our pastor. We are praying for you all."

"Sorry to hear that. Amazing she was given bonus years to change lives and testify," wrote David Chamberlin. 

Holmes' story was featured on The 700 Club and CBN News' The PrayerLink

Holmes shared with millions of viewers what happened the day she went to her doctor for a routine check-up.

At that time they told her, "Either you're having another stroke, or you're about to have a heart attack."

Her blood pressure had spiked to 234 over 134. Before long, Charlotte was having an out-of-body experience that turned heavenly.

"They called a code and they come running in. I was above my body. I could see them doing chest compressions. I could see them, all the nurses around. I could smell the most beautiful flowers I've ever smelled. And then I heard music. And when I opened my eyes, I knew where I was. I knew I was in Heaven." 

Charlotte said she was standing at the "pearly gates" and she saw family and friends who had passed away. 

"There were so many more behind them, all my friends, all my family, the saints of old," she continued. "There's no words to express [it]."

"I looked and there stood my family. My mom, my dad, my sister, my best friend," she said. "They looked young. They didn't have glasses. My cousin that had had a leg cut off, had both legs. They looked like they were in their thirties."

What Charlotte saw after that, however, shocked her. 

"At the feet of my mom and dad was this toddler. I thought, 'Who was that?' and I heard the voice. We all know it. We're Christians, we know God's voice and I heard Him say to me 'That's your child'."

Charlotte lost a baby boy, nearly 40 years ago, when she was 5.5 months pregnant. She said she battled depression because she was not able to say goodbye to her son. 

"Of course, back then, they didn't let you hold them. They didn't let you bury them... I didn't get to hold that child," she said. 

She told the Ozark County Times, "I couldn't wait to hold him. I had missed that."

Then God chose to show her one more thing. 

"God took me to the edge of Hell, and I looked down and the smell – rotten flesh. That's what it smelled like, and screams," she told CBN. "After seeing the beauty of Heaven, the contrast of seeing Hell is almost unbearable. And He says, 'I show you this to tell you if some of them do not change their ways, this is where they shall reside. I heard my Father say, 'You have time to go back and share.'" 

Charlotte's spirit came back to her body on Earth and she made it her mission "to bring home as many as we can."

"People need hope. They want to know that there really is something out there. They want to know that everything's okay," she told CBN. "I have been privileged to bring people to Christ, as He asked me to. All the authority that He had, He has given to us, in the name of Jesus Christ. Not because of who we are. God promises, He said if it were not so, He would've told you.  But He's gone to prepare us a place, and it's more real than you can imagine. I can look you square in the eye and tell you for sure, 'Heaven is real.'" 

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