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Loudoun County Equity Education Consultant Spreads CRT, Says Public School Doesn't 'Offer Learning'

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A consultant hired by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) to help integrate equity and inclusion into the district's curriculum told his audience during a lecture that he doesn't think public education in the U.S. offers "learning" and "the internet is better than high school."

The National Review reports Equity Collaborative co-founder Jamie Almanzán, said: "I think the thing that public education offers…because I certainly don't think we offer learning… are relationships…What historically high schools were for was dissemination of information very quickly…Well actually the internet is better than the high school is."

Almanzán then added, "Truthfully, the teacher in relation to the dissemination of information is obsolete. But the teacher in relationship to relationship is the thing."

Paul Rossi, a former math teacher in New York, New York, tweeted the little more than one-minute video clip from Almanzán's talk, writing: "@LCPSOfficial paid @EquityCollab over $500K to train teachers to apply CRT. Here, partner @jalmanzan reveals what he thinks schools are for, and in his opinion, it's not for learning. For that, kids can just go on the internet. Instead, schools are for relationships."

Rossi's assertion about the amount paid by LCPS is correct, according to the consultant report card compiled by the non-profit Parents Defending Education. The district signed a contract with Equity Collaborative two years ago, paying over $500,000 in taxpayer funds, reportedly for the purpose of applying Critical Race Theory (CRT) to the curriculum. 

Parents Defending Education noted on its report card, Equity Collaborative sessions as stated on the company's website "focus on applying Critical Race Theory as a form of practice for interrupting systemic racism and creating more equitable learning environments. These conversations are for equity practitioners who are ready to move from changes in their own practice to changes that interrupt the existing system of schooling."

The CRT issue came to a head at problem-plagued LCPS when a mother said she pulled her children out of the public school system due to officials' "uncompromising political agenda," CBN's Faithwire reported

At the center of the mother's assertions? She said her 6-year-old daughter approached her last spring to ask if she was "born evil" due to the fact she's Caucasian, as Fox News reported.

"My children are now in private school and are thriving," she said at a recent board meeting, explaining what led to her decision to pull the kids from Loudoun County Schools. "My six-year-old somberly came to me (in spring of 2020) and asked me if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at school … and now you've covered up a rape."

The frustrated mom went on to directly call on officials to step down.

"I refuse to allow you to destroy our schools," she said. "They are not your schools. They are our schools."

Sexual Assault Report Hidden for Months

As CBN News reported on Oct. 26, a Virginia juvenile court judge ruled a transgender teen was guilty of sexually assaulting a female classmate at Loudoun County high school last May.

Scott Smith, the girl's father, told The Daily Wire his daughter had been sexually assaulted in late May while she was in the bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The attack was allegedly committed by a teenage boy who entered the girls' bathroom wearing a skirt.

Smith grew visibly angry at a Loudoun Country Public Schools (LCPS) board meeting on June 22 when no one acknowledged his daughter's alleged sexual assault. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

WTOP-TV reported on Oct. 21  Superintendent Scott Ziegler told the school board about the first incident on May 28 in an email, but it was hidden from the public for many months.

The same transgender student was then accused of committing a second sexual against another girl on Oct. 6 at a different school.

Although Ziegler said at a June 22 school board meeting there was no record of any sexual assaults in the bathroom, his May 28 email reveals he and the board would have been aware of the incident prior to the summer meeting when parents raised serious concerns about allowing students to use whichever restrooms correlate with their chosen gender identities.

Beth Barts, a member of the LCPS school board that promoted transgenderism, resigned her post just days after a disturbing report broke detailing the incident of alleged sexual assault. First elected to the school board in 2019, Bart's resignation became effective on Nov. 2. 

Barts claimed on Facebook that members of the school board "were not aware of the specific details of this incident until it was reported in local media earlier this week." Yet, Ziegler's May 28 email seems to indicate otherwise. 

Parents opposed to critical race theory and LCPS' policies on transgenderism were highly critical of Barts.

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