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Job or Jab? Millions of Americans Being Forced to Choose Between Their Career or Their Beliefs

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Everyday Americans are joining together in a growing movement opposed to mandatory vaccinations with protests brewing across the country.

Teachers in California are required to get the jab, with students following closely behind once their age-appropriate vaccine is approved. 

In Chicago, the vaccine mandate for all city workers took effect Friday. Those who are not vaccinated must submit to twice-weekly testing or face discipline. The reality led to more protests.

Now the fight is going to the top. 

The Liberty Counsel submitted a class-action lawsuit, with a motion for a temporary restraining order and injunction against the Biden administration. 

The law firm represents more than 25,000 people, civilian and military, who have been "unlawfully mandated to get the COVID shots or face dishonorable discharge from the military or termination from employment."

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While there hasn't been a definitive deadline set by the government for when businesses with 100 or more employees should implement the vaccine mandate, federal employees must be fully vaccinated by November 22nd. 

As the day draws near, pushback is growing. 

"I have three main arguments," said Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver. "These mandates violate the emergency use authorization law. Two, it violates the First  Amendment. And three, it violates the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act."  

Retired Navy Senior Chief, Doug Feist works as a contractor for Vertex Aerospace in Mississippi. The father of five says the company is unlikely to accept his religious exemption. 

If Feist does not get vaccinated by December 8th, he says he'll be out of a job and could lose his house. 

"It's an ultimatum and they say you have a choice, but you really don't," Feist said. "You feel like a caged animal put in a corner." 

Liberty Counsel's lawsuit comes as the Delta Plus sub-variant ramps up. 

As an emergency move, the FDA is racing to make Moderna and J&J boosters available to all Americans. But even GOP governors are pushing back against mandates. 

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) said the mandates have only caused more problems.

"This Delta variant is dangerous. It's spreading quickly, but it's spreading whether there are mandates or not," the governor said. "And unfortunately, these mandates have created an economic pandemic where previously we only had a health pandemic."

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