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'Jesus Is the One They're Looking For': Evangelist Nick Hall Sees 100,000+ Come to Jesus

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After a year of seeking unity and sharing the message of Jesus Christ, one ministry says it was able to reach more than 100 million people with the gospel in 2020. 

Pulse, a millennial-led evangelism movement, is looking to do it all again in 2021 by empowering more Christians to share the hope of Christ with a new generation. 

Founder Nick Hall told CBN's "The Prayer Link" that today's political atmosphere is actually driving young people closer to God. 

"What I am hearing from young believers is really a desire to come together around the need to share Jesus, to share the Gospel," he explained. "There's all sorts of opinions about all sorts of things, all sorts of ideas and yet there is one thing that changes everything, and so I am seeing people praying, fasting, and really believing that, man, no matter what happens, we know that God is in control and we need to trust Him now more than ever."
Hall said Pulse responded to the challenging events from 2020 by sharing the good news and spreading the Gospel.

"Our ministry is responding like we always would - we want to get the Gospel out. We want to call the church to where our hope is found. I've seen a lot in the last 12 months, much less these last years. A lot of believers getting worked up about a ton of issues and yes there are things we can unite around," he said. 

"We can unite to lift up a voice for justice and for the hurting and vulnerable. I just think when we become loud about secondary issues - political, election moments - sometimes I think we become more passionate for the campaign than we're passionate for Jesus and the lost."

He noted that the ministry is looking for fresh ways to engage with people because Jesus is what will bring them hope and healing.

"Our team is really trying to rally the church to pray, to unite, to heal and really to mobilize because in the midst of an unsettled time, in the midst of uncertainty, we have the certain message of the Gospel. And now more than ever, people are open to that message. Now more than ever, we need to share it and we need to be looking for opportunities to reach people who need Jesus."

Hall also believes the church should continue to address issues like racial injustice and discrimination.

"There's a lot of people who don't understand. I've encouraged in my own home and my own church that now is the time for the church to rise up with a message of righteousness and justice," he said. "It's a time for us to listen and learn and especially in our local churches is for us to have voices that represent different populations of people that are apart of the family of God to hear."

"I understand the complexities and the tensions. I'm in Minneapolis, ground zero of George Floyd being killed on our streets, riots and protests happening right here. But when one part of the family hurts, we all should hurt. And this issue of racial justice and discrimination is an issue that plagues our nation for far too long. The church cannot afford to be silent now. If we're not speaking out against certain wrongs, then how do we have a right to speak about any wrong. This is the time for the light of Christ to rise up."

Despite complications from COVID and shutdowns, Pulse has led more than 100,000 people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

"This is a digital age, and in the midst of COVID-19, racial crisis, and political chaos, we as the church have an opportunity of what we're going to respond with and I think for our team in the midst of this, we've been able to pivot and put on some massive gatherings," Hall said. "In the last 12 months, even from March to May last year, we had over 150 million people hear the Gospel and over 100,000 publicly respond to Jesus. These are digital events, outreach events, Zoom all over the world and through television. I just think there's never been a hunger like this."

Hall said his prayer for 2021 is for revival.

"I think we need revival. We need God to move, to change us as the church. God always starts in His house," he declared. "More than we need a change in the White House or our neighbor's house, which we tend to be distracted about a lot. God always likes to start in His house...we are His people. We need God to rend the heavens and stir in us."

"Repentance needs to start with us and we need to get before God that He would set us on fire for what matters, that we would burn for scripture, that His word would be alive in us and from revival - it's a prayer for an awakening. I believe that now is the time for the world to see a clear declaration of the Gospel and that Jesus is the one they're looking for."

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