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'I Saw My Baby': Women's Abortion Pill Trauma Backed Up by Videos of Amazing Window into the Womb

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Women are opening up about the trauma they've experienced after taking abortion pills, saying they witnessed the evidence of human life in their aborted babies, and they regret what they did. 

While their stories of pain are palpable, at the same time, some powerful new videos are providing a stunning window into the womb, revealing the beauty of developing babies.

The pro-life group Live Action has released a new video series titled I Saw My Baby. The multi-faceted campaign aims to expose the truth about the abortion pill, and most importantly the humanity of the child in the womb that is killed during an abortion.

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"The Abortion Pill – and more specifically the abortion-inducing drug Mifepristone –has led the national news for months even up to the Supreme Court, but we never actually hear about what the abortion pill does," Live Action's Founder and President Lila Rose said in a press release. 

"Mifepristone's intended use is to kill a preborn human child in the womb by first starving a living human child, and then inducing delivery of the dead child. That is the reality of the abortion pill. Danger. Trauma. Death. To date, the Abortion Pill has killed 5.6 million American children and harmed countless mothers, with at least 28 associated maternal deaths," Rose continued. 

I Saw My Baby launched with an emotional video testimony from a young woman named Natalia who endured a chemical abortion. She shared her deep pain and regret for the loss of her child and for the terrible mistake she made by having an abortion. 

In the video, Natalia shares, "When it first started happening, it felt like being stabbed in the stomach. And I looked down and saw him. It was (like) a baby."

On Thursday, Live Action will release its second video in the campaign featuring Kirsty who shares her painful experience regarding her use of the abortion pill. 

The group's campaign will continue releasing two videos per week over the next month highlighting testimonials of women who chose chemical abortion.

While these women have been traumatized by witnessing the humanity of their deceased babies, their experiences are also supported by videos that reveal the amazing development of tiny humans still in the womb.

Videos Reveal the Beauty of Developing Life

Live Action has the largest social media presence of any nonprofit pro-life organization, reaching millions of people every month. Over the past several years, the group has released some amazing video footage of unborn children's development in the womb in order to educate the viewer. 

Just last month, the group released a video showing how an unborn baby looks and reacts at 8 weeks after fertilization. 

In 2018, the group tweeted an ultrasound of a baby at 12 weeks, titling the video A child, not a choice.

Also in 2018, Live Action tweeted an ultrasound of a 15-week-old baby with hiccups as the unborn child jumps around the womb during an ultrasound. 

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