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'I Couldn't Lie to Myself Anymore': Ex-Abortion Nurse Describes the Moment She Decided to Flee Her Clinic

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Noemi Padilla said she thought she would be doing good and compassionate care at a Florida abortion clinic but eventually found she couldn’t live with herself.

Padilla, who worked as a surgical nurse while living in New York, stumbled upon a position with a women’s clinic after moving to Florida. At first, she thought it was the perfect fit.

“I felt walking in that I was going to be doing the best possible mercy care,” she said. “What better care to give than for somebody going through such a hard time at that moment?”

While she planned to give women “the best possible care,” she said she felt the exact opposite unfolded.

“There was very little actual nursing care,” Padilla said, adding she felt there was also very little compassion. “It was more like an assembly line…very robotic.”

Listen to her share why she left the clinic and what she faced along the way:

As time progressed, she found working at the clinic increasingly difficult.

“You always have the moral issue, which is why we’re the biggest liars to ourselves,” Padilla said. “I couldn’t face myself in the mirror.”

After about two years, she said it became increasingly difficult to lie to herself. At that point, though, she was isolated from others and spent most of her time with fellow clinic workers.

“Your entire life becomes the abortion clinic,” Padilla said.

Four years into her clinic career, she hit a breaking point with a woman she said underwent an unneeded abortion. The situation pushed Padilla over the edge.

“I couldn’t lie to myself anymore,” she said.

Padilla decided to quit her job with the help of And Then There Were None, an organization created by pro-life activist Abby Johnson that helps clinic workers leave the industry and rebuild their lives. Padilla said leaving wasn’t easy but expressed joy over her decision to speak up for life.

“When you leave the abortion clinic, they shun you. They’ll lie about you. They’ll give you horrible recommendations,” she said. “They’ll do anything so that you can’t progress because they want you to need them and have to come back.”

Read more about Padilla’s story here.

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