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'Honor God, Keep His Commands': Kirk Cameron's 100-Day Revival Plan Hits Halfway Mark

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"American Campfire Revival," a 100-day spiritual campaign led by Kirk Cameron, has passed its halfway mark - prompting Cameron to reiterate the motive for launching the online gathering that thousands have been attending daily.

He said the initiative aims to remind Americans that we must "honor God, love one another, and keep His commands in all aspects of our life. Not just personally but in our homes, churches, our economy, and even with our government. We have the promise of blessing, security, and prosperity in Kingdom terms when we follow God's ways and that's what we're endeavoring to get back to in this 100-day plan for the securities of those blessings," Cameron explained.

"We're on day 51 of our 100-day plan and that was inspired at the very beginning of this year when I remembered that there's a longstanding tradition among presidents to layout their 100-day plan for the nation," he added. 

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President Biden's plan for the country includes financial stimulus to battle the impact of pandemic lockdowns, more vaccines to fight COVID-19, and an unprecedented burst of dozens of executive orders, including one expanding LGBTQ protections, which some Christians warned could hurt faith-based organizations. 

Cameron believes we can have a more Godly nation, but the Holy Spirit must be at the center of our decisions.

"With the way things have been going for the last year or so, rather than get discouraged and hope for someone in government to turn things in a positive direction, why not come up with our plan," Cameron said.

"So we've been meeting for 51 days now with a campfire to pray, to praise God, and to return to the ancient covenants of our forefathers like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and of course Jesus initiates the new covenant which is an eternal with promises from God that will never be revoked for the family of faith."

He concluded Friday night's gathering by stressing that everyone must get back to God because that is where our hope comes from.

To find out more about "American Campfire Revival," click here.

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