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Homeschooling's Big Benefit: Activist Mommy's Prescription for 'Epidemic' of Immorality


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Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy, is not only a popular Christian blogger, she is also a mother – of ten!

And as the school year gets underway, the homeschooling mom is making preparations for her kids' success both academically and in life.

"We are ordering homeschool curriculum. I am organizing the homeschool room, clearing out things from last year that I don't need here. I am assessing my children's strengths and weaknesses as students and I can tailor their education to their strengths and weaknesses," Johnston said in an interview with CBN News.   

Jokingly, she added, "I'm praying that I'll keep my sanity and won't lose my mind this year."

On a serious note, Johnston shared several reasons for choosing to educate her children at home, including the desire to spend more time with them.

But she said the biggest reason involves shielding them from the growing moral decay in public schools.

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"Our kids are not wards of the state," she explained.

"They are ours to raise them as we believe God has shown us to do, and so in the schools we have a lot of humanistic, atheistic indoctrination taking place. I want my children to be able to learn about the things of God and learn about God as their Creator, and so homeschooling has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to do that."

She said now more than ever, parents need to protect their kids from ungodly influences espoused by many in public school districts across the country.

"We have an epidemic of just a rapidly declining culture right now, with such an incredible speed. It's frightening and in the public schools," she told CBN News.

"We have student and teacher sex scandals and the LGBT agenda being pushed on our kids and alcohol and drugs and just a lack of general safety for our kids and it is becoming less and less of an option for Christians to drop our children off unsupervised because really your kids are unsupervised," she continued.

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"If you don't know, if you're not there and you don't know what's going on at school. I mean we're talking sexual activity taking place in stairwells...out of control immorality in the schools."

"We need to get our kids out of the public school system and begin to disciple them in the ways of God,' said Johnston.  

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