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Historian William Federer Explains Why America's Youth So Captivated by Socialism

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Why are today's young people increasingly drawn to socialism? Is it the lure of "Free Everything," or something else?

Historian William Federer, author of Socialism: The Real History from Plato to the Present, spoke with Pat Robertson on Monday's 700 Club about the origins of socialist ideology, which goes all the way back to 380 B.C., and the Greek philosopher Plato.

On Tuesday's 700 Club, Federer was back with more – this time, explaining why today's young people seem to think socialism is the answer to all of society's problems.

Click on the box above to watch Pat's interview with William Federer on Tuesday's 700 Club.

He says young people are not properly taught American history and the principles of liberty and self-determination that formed the country, and because of that are easily lured into thinking that socialism is a fairer and more equitable form of government.

What they fail to realize, he says, is that everywhere socialism has been tried it has resulted in oppression and tyranny by the ruling class upon the "ruled class."

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