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Here Come the Power Failures, and You Can Thank the 'Green Energy' Agenda

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Summertime power blackouts are occurring more frequently in America, and heat is not the only culprit.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation warns that a hotter than usual summer will cause more power failures throughout most of the Western U.S. this year.

In the Midwest and parts of the South, the situation is even worse with blackouts expected regardless of how hot it gets. 

Why does one of the most energy-rich nations in the world have power blackouts? Well, you can't prevent extreme summer heat, but some of the other causes of America's new energy crisis are entirely preventable.

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The report targets three causes: severe drought that is making it harder to generate hydroelectric power, the unreliability of green energy, and a shortage of power from fossil fuels as more and more traditional power plants are closed down.  

The head of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Jim Matheson, says green energy is not producing enough to cover the loss of fossil fuel power generation. 

"If you're going to go through any transition, whatever that may be, we need the 'three t's.' We need time, we need an improvement in technology, and we need a lot more electronic transmission infrastructure to really make this work," Matheson explains.

Energy analyst Dr. Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute says the government and the banking industry are strangling the fossil fuel industry by demonizing it and driving capital and talent away from it.

"This has put a big damper on capital investment in oil companies and natural gas companies. It's also made it very difficult for a coal company in particular, but even for a natural gas company to get a substantial loan from the banks," Lewis says. 

The Biden Administration wants America on 100 percent green energy in 13 years. 

Europe is also moving toward 100 percent green energy, and they're worried about freezing this winter after nations have shut down many of their nuclear plants. They're also concerned that Vladimir Putin won't turn their natural gas supplies back on.

Energy expert Larry Behrens at the organization Power the Future warns that trying to fix the U.S. power grid now by going back to more fossil fuels might not be quick or easy.

"Even if the administration in Washington had a change of heart right at this moment and decided, 'You know what, we're gonna have to build in redundancies so that we have affordable, reliable energy, at least as a backup so that Americans don't lose power,' it could take years to get back to that point, to build the plants needed, and to get the wires needed because of the slow dismantling that they have done of the electric grid in the name of their (green) ideology," Behrens said.

White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy has gone on record saying criticism of green energy should be censored. She said, "The tech companies have got to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread 'disinformation.'"

But if the blackouts happen as predicted, by the end of this summer many Americans could be complaining about green energy. 

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