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'Have No Fear': Mike Lindell Vows to Keep Fighting Cancel Culture After Walmart Pulls MyPillow From Stores

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says Walmart is the latest retailer to remove his product from its store shelves.

During a live stream with Diamond and Silk on Thursday, Lindell said Walmart claims that ratings for MyPillow are too low to keep it in the stores.

Lindell said he previously spoke with a Walmart representative and suggested lowering the price of his pillows. He said a week later, the representative finally got back to him and said the company was going to "drop MyPillow."

"I said, 'why are you canceling MyPillow?' and you know what he said? 'MyPillow does not have a four-star rating. They are 3.8,'" Lindell recalled.

He said the retailer supposedly launched a new rating system several years ago.

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Lindell noted that sales for his product have been at an all-time high this year.

"I said, 'you're a liar, you're canceling MyPillow. You should be ashamed of yourself and you're going to be all over the news and you guys made your bed. I will never go back to Walmart again.'" 

During the interview, Lindell briefly mentioned the 2020 presidential election as a cause for his product to be pulled.

He also urged his followers to be fearless against the cancel culture.

"We are winning. We are winning. You should have no fear. You got to get courageous. If you're saving your courage for a rainy day, it's pouring outside. All the stuff that's going bad ... you see the stock market, food prices, and you see gas prices going up, just remember this. We are the greatest revival for Jesus Christ in history."

Lindell received an outpouring of support on social media with uplifting comments about the quality of his products and his commitment to his customers.

"Mike God won't let you and your employees down! You know he won't so get some good sleep tonight. God is in control," commented one follower.

Another wrote, "You are beautiful to the Lord, Mike.....better than ANY human could know, JESUS KNOWS and GOD will continue to provide, Mike! Pray with confidence, you ARE greatly LOVED."

One follower told Lindell, "You will be blessed for all you do. With God backing you all will be better than ever. Love you for all you do. America is being blessed to have you!"

CBN News previously reported that Lindell's products have been removed from other retailers including  Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohl's, Kroger's, and BJ's. 

A spokesperson for Walmart emailed CBN News the following statement:

"While we no longer carry them in stores, MyPillow products continue to be available on"

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