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'God is Moving': Worshippers Receive Salvation, Healing From Addictions at 'Let Us Worship' Event

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Worship leader Sean Feucht is bringing a "fresh sound of unity, hope and revival" to Florida this weekend with his "Let Us Worship" events. 

Feucht and his team arrived in West Palm Beach on Thursday to pray with men and women seeking freedom from addiction. God's mercy and love was evident as people gathered in a parking lot to receive salvation.

"From deliverance of drugs, sex, porn, addiction and bondage to a baby dedication that made us all...what God did in south Florida last night was profound!"

The healing continued on Friday as hundreds came back out to sing, dance, and accept the Holy Spirit into their lives. Worshippers from all different walks of life embraced each other and lifted their hands toward Heaven in prayer. 

Feucht tweeted, "Dozens of prodigal sons and daughters came home last night! A fresh sound of unity, hope, and revival was captured last night for America! God is moving!"

The worship leader shared his own testimony in a video after his family was almost involved in an accident. Feucht explained that a massive tire from a trailer hit the van his family was traveling in, but miraculously there was no damage to their vehicle.

"The back tire - a huge tire - flew off and nailed this van," he said. "They were going 70 miles on the highway. Somehow, someway, it didn't break anything, there's no scratch on it. They were all safe. Some kind of angels are with us." 

The jubilation continues on Saturday, then Feucht will travel to Miami to conclude the weekend worship event.

Feucht's Let Us Worship tour began last summer as a way to bring hope and joy to our deeply divided nation, and to fight for the constitutional freedom of religion. Feucht is pushing ahead in this difficult season, saying the church must continue to rise up and become the solution in an effort to bring restoration to the dispirited and heavyhearted. 

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