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'God Is Moving': Baptist Church in Kentucky Celebrates 100 Salvations, 46 Water Baptisms

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Nearly 100 people made first-time confessions for salvation and 46 people were water baptized at a Kentucky church Wednesday. 

First Baptist Church in Hodgenville concluded a four-day event where hundreds of people including elementary school-age students showed up to hear a message about Jesus. 

"We serve a big God and all things are possible through Him. We have to stop being pessimistic and start trusting and being obedient. We talk a lot about grace in the pulpit and church members are short to extend it," FBC Hodgenville Pastor Rodney Rogers told Kentucky Today.

Rogers explained that FBC Hodgenville took a unique approach to reaching people for the outreach. 

"I'm not the kind of guy who can stay in the four walls of the church," he said. "The church is not meant to be kept in four walls. We're supposed to be reaching people. The beauty of it is they have accepted the challenge."

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The leaders of the church were able to get an evangelist in the public schools with an anti-bullying presentation for elementary and middle school students. 
Pastors met with the principals last school year to describe the message and share their plans for this week's event. 

"That's a tough topic that happens everywhere whether it's cyberbullying or physical bullying," Rogers said. "He tells them they are here to get an education. At the end, he shared where he was going to be that night and we gave away free pizza tickets. In the evening, he speaks in the church."

The school outreach resulted in more than 210 students showing up to the church and 59 students coming to the altar for salvation on Tuesday night.

"I asked some of our members, 'When was the last time we had 210 students in church?'" Rogers said. "They said never. It's a great thing and God is moving."

The following night, which was the last night of the crusade, they baptized 46 people and counted 100 salvations. 

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"We had a husband and wife come forward who were doubting their salvation and gave their lives to Christ to be baptized," Rogers said. "Another family had a mom, dad, and child come forward to profess faith in Christ and were baptized. Some students who were saved on Tuesday came back to be baptized. We had two baptisms going on at one time. People weren't leaving, they wanted to see all this."

He said some people were spontaneously baptized. 

"There were no excuses of they didn't [bring] clothes," he said. "We had all that stuff. It was fantastic. It has been a fantastic week. Close to 100 salvations and baptized 46, with at least five more who couldn't make it last night that will be baptized on Sunday. We may have 10 or 15 more."

Rogers says the church plans to continue to reach out to the community and even work with other churches in the area to see more come to Christ. 

"We're all on the same team, trying to reach people," he said. "That's the mission."

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