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'God has a Plan for These Children': 40 Days for Life Celebrates 20,000 Babies Saved From Abortion

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The pro-life campaign 40 Days for Life shared a major milestone on Nov. 19 by announcing that 20,000 babies have been rescued from abortion since 2007.

The organization strives to end abortion by bringing unity to the spirit and body of Christ through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and peaceful vigils in front of abortion businesses.

40 Days for Life President and CEO Shawn Carney made the announcement in a video posted on YouTube.

"There is absolutely nothing like having a mom, who you helped getaway, hand you that baby boy or baby girl that is alive today ... that was so close to becoming one of the 56 million that die every year around the world," said Carney in the video. "So close to becoming a statistic but now, they have a name and they're going to go to kindergarten and they're going to play t-ball. They're going to do all the great things that kids ought to be doing."

Highlights from the group's fall 2021 campaign report are that six sets of twins and its first set of triplets were saved from abortion. Three abortion workers quit and several abortion clinics have shut down.  

The 40 Days for Life website lists that 20,368 babies have been saved in the past 14 years, 229 abortion workers chose to leave the industry, and 114 abortion facilities have shut down. 

Dan Miller, who works in the groups Milwaukee district, thanked all of the volunteers for their tireless effort to end abortion.

"Twenty-thousand babies are alive today because of you," Miller declared. "You went to the sidewalks, you cared, you prayed. God has a plan for these children and you were a part of God's plan."

And the testimony of one vigil participant named Hugo was shared as a powerful reminder that God heals and gives us hope.

Hugo was praying outside of a Mexico City abortion facility when he was approached by a man who was contemplating suicide after learning that his ex-girlfriend had just aborted their baby. 

The distraught man was overcome with grief, resorting to taking his own life as a means to cope with the pain. After much discussion and prayer, the man had reconsidered, telling Hugo, "You saved my life."

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