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'God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear': Georgia Man Says Jesus Healed Him on His COVID Hospital Bed

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A Georgia man says God healed him from the coronavirus by breathing air into his lungs.

Clay Bentley spent eleven days in the hospital and believes the Lord saved his life so he could tell a story of hope, redemption, and faith. 

"The devil thought he was going to take me out," Bentley said.

Looking back, Bentley, 59, says he knows how he got sick.

"On March 1, I was singing in the choir," Bentley said. "That's where I got it. That's where I contracted it at church. There were at least 45 to 50 people in that church in that one meeting that caught the coronavirus, and two died."

Bentley says hours after that Sunday service, he started having shortness of breath. On Monday, he went from the local urgent care straight to the emergency room. Doctors initially diagnosed him with walking pneumonia, gave him an antibiotic, and sent him home.


By Friday, his condition was worse, so he returned to the hospital and was admitted with double pneumonia. That day doctors gave him a COVID-19 test that came back positive. As the fluid in his lungs increased, reports became grimmer. 

"The doctors came in and said, 'You're not getting better, as a matter of fact, you're in worse shape today than you were when you came in the hospital,'" Bentley said.

"I heard the spirit of God starting to tell me 'No, you're getting better. You're getting better." And he began to ask me 'Who are you going to believe?  Who's report will you believe?" he recalled. 

Bentley chose to believe the word of the Lord, and so did his wife.

"I was saying out loud constantly verses and word and music and things that were coming up for his life," Suzy Bentley said. "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind."

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Bentley said something happened to him around 3:00 in the morning.

"I felt the Lord, I felt His presence," he said. "I felt him blow breath into my lungs and I took a deep breath and I knew it was the Lord blowing in my lungs and when I took a deep breath it was like it all cleared out."

"So the doctors checked me and they said, 'Wait a minute. We came in yesterday. You were in worse shape than you've been in since you've been in the hospital. And we come in here this morning and we don't have hardly any fluid in your lungs at all,'" Bentley noted. 

Two days later, he was released and sent home.

And that's not all. Bentley suffered from rheumatoid arthritis before contracting the COVID-19 virus, and now he says that's gone too.

"I mean it's like he healed me of everything within me," he said. "Jesus is still in the healing business. His word in your mouth will move mountains."

Suzy Bentley's mother passed away several years ago on March 17.  She says the enemy tried to tell her that she would lose her husband on that same date.  However, on that date, Bentley came home from the hospital.

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*This story was first published in April 2020

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