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As Family Members Say Goodbye Their Fight Begins: 'We Want Justice for George' 

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George Floyd's family and friends are honoring his life and beginning their long goodbye. The first of three memorials planned in three cities was held in Minneapolis Thursday followed by more protests across the country.

In a powerful moment before the memorial service, the Minneapolis police chief kneeled on the sidewalk as the hearse carrying Floyd's casket drove by.

Floyd's memorial was held inside the sanctuary at North Central University, a Christian school, located just over a mile from where Floyd died. 

"As a Christian university situated in the heart of Minneapolis, we strive to be good citizens and good neighbors. Our hope is that our sanctuary will provide a space of welcome and warmth for Mr. Floyd's loved ones and their guests during this time of remembrance and worship," reads a statement posted on the school's website. 

BELOW: Watch the memorial service for George Floyd at North Central University. 

Just a few blocks away from the sanctuary, a judge set bail at $750,000 each for the three fired Minneapolis police officers charged with aiding and abetting murder in Floyd's death.

Floyd was remembered as a father and brother from humble beginnings who grew up eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches and loving sports.

"All of these people came to see my brother and that is amazing to me that he touched so many people's hearts. You know because he's been touching our hearts," said Philonise Floyd, George's brother.

Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy and quickly tore into President Trump for holding up a Bible in front of St. John's Episcopal Church located across from the White House the day after protestors set the historic church on fire.

"We cannot use Bibles as a prop and for those that have agendas that are not about justice. This family will not let you use George as a prop," Sharpton said.

The civil rights activist also drew parallels between Floyd's tragic death and what he says has been the story of "black folks" for more than 400 years.

"What happened to Floyd happens every day in this country in education and health services and in every area of American life. It is time for us to stand up in George's name and say 'Get your knee off our - off our necks,'" Sharpton roared to applause from the audience.

In a tribute that stirred emotions, mourners paused for eight minutes and 46 seconds to remember Floyd's final moments.

"We want justice for George," Philonise Floyd said.

George Floyd will be laid to rest next week in Houston.

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