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'Faith, Family, Football': WATCH the Super Bowl Breakfast on CBN News

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The annual Super Bowl Breakfast is where faith and football meet. Sponsored by Athletes in Action, the event has taken place each year since 1988, drawing sellout crowds to hear from some of the biggest names in football.

That includes Demario Davis, a lineman with the New Orleans Saints who is known for his faith as well as big plays on the field.  

"Ever since we came in the league, we learned about the Super Bowl Breakfast, saw that it wasn't just about the game, but it reflected a life of faith, a life of family and of football," Davis told CBN News.

Highlights of the outreach include messages of hope complete with a presentation of the gospel. The one-hour faith-filled event will be televised this weekend on the CBN News Channel

BELOW: Watch the Super Bowl Breakfast at 10AM, 2PM, 6PM and 8PM on Saturday

Davis, a ten-year NFL veteran and all-pro linebacker received last year's Bart Starr Award. The award honors Starr's lifelong commitment to serving as a positive role model to his family, teammates, and community.  

"It's a huge honor and a privilege just to be celebrated by my peers, coaches and so many that are critical and such a heavy part of the game, so to receive those accolades means a lot," said Davis. "But I think for me, it's all just reflective of the kingdom. Everything I do is about being a light for the kingdom. I just want to hear, 'Well done my good and faithful servant.'"
Davis' wife Tamela said her husband's faith inspires her and their family.

"One of the things I admire is how I constantly just see him seeking God, not just for one thing but in every area of his life - for how he's going on the mission field, for how he strives to serve our family," explained Tamela. "Every day I see him get up and read his Bible."

In 2019, Davis saw the cost of his faith when the NFL fined him $7,000 for wearing a headband that said "Man of God" under his helmet. While the league eventually backed down, public support for Davis helped create a "Man of God" movement.

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Using the publicity, he sold "Man of God" headbands to raise money for a local hospital.

Davis felt it was important to handle the incident in a way that honored God. 

"I didn't want it to be a situation where I wanted to be breaking the rules because the Word tells us to submit to authority, but at the same time, I didn't want to seem I was hiding and to bow down to league policy and be ashamed of my faith," said Davis.

It is a faith Davis attempts to live out every season.

"When you just trust God and you lean into him, he'll make everything else work out the way that it's supposed to," he said. "That doesn't always mean it's gonna be honky dory, it's always gonna be nice, and you're always gonna have this amazing award-winning type of thing happen. It just means it's gonna work out in your favor in the end," said Davis.

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