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European Terror: A Preview of America's Future? 

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PARIS and BERLIN Muslim terror attacks across Europe have turned a once peaceful continent into a battleground. Could this be a preview of what's ahead for America? 

Former New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says European-style terror attacks are coming to the U.S.  

Terror: It's in the Quran

"There's no doubt about that whatsoever. The fact is that everywhere that large numbers of Muslims settle, there is conflict," Islam expert Robert Spencer told CBN News. 
Because, Spencer says, the violence flows from the Quran. 

"The Quran says 'when you meet the unbeliever strike the neck.' So, the Islamic state does these beheading videos and the world was horrified, but its right in the Quran," he said. 

"The fact that something is in the Quran does not mean all Muslims are going to do it, but it does mean that some are. There's no doubt this will happen in the United States, once Muslims are here in sufficient numbers," Spencer adds. 

And with it comes political enforcement by the Left, targeting those who oppose uncontrolled Muslim immigration, either with a racist label, protests, or even violence. 

Americans are used to other nations following them, but when it comes to Muslim immigration as well as the attendant political correctness and speech oppression, Europe's reality could be America's future. 

The US Is No Safe Haven

American writer Nidra Poller in Paris says when she emigrated to France 44 years ago, France felt safer than America. Not anymore. 

"The most important thing for America is stop thinking you're safe and we're in trouble," Poller says. 

"We're not allowed to have ethnic statistics [in France] but people know where the violence is coming from. We have a huge Muslim population that includes fine people who came to live here in freedom, [as well as] thugs and Islamists and jihadists. They used the thugs to weaken our democracy. Then, after they terrorize people, they say you're an 'Islamophobe,"' she said. 

Sweden, a nation with a smaller population than North Carolina, now has several thousand Muslim extremists, according to its state security agency, SAPO. Sweden also faces a fiscal crisis because it has accepted so many Muslim migrants. Swedish citizens are literally paying to host terrorists. 

"It could be that our politicians are so stupid that they don't understand what will happen when you bring in people from a totally different culture. Could be, but I don't believe that anymore. I mean, it's not just this government. This has been going on for 30, 40 years,"  Ingrid Carlqvist of Gatestone Institute said. 

A more likely answer is that Swedish leaders just don't care. Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt famously said he didn't think Swedish culture was worth preserving. 

Muslims: Divided Loyalties?

Many Muslims come to the West to join democracy, integrate with society and live in peace. But there are also troubling signs, like a poll in Britain last year that showed that two-thirds of British Muslims would not tell police about extremists. 

A planned peace march by German Muslims a few days ago  was supposed to show Muslim opposition to terrorism. It flopped. Not only was it small, but many of the marchers who did show up were not Muslim. 
Spencer warns that some Muslims come as colonizers to Islamize the West. That's in the Quran too. 

"Chapter four, verse 100 of the Quran promises great rewards to those who 'emigrate in the cause of Allah and die in the new land,"' Spencer quoted. 

Left Wing Violence: Spencer Poisoned

Spencer was poisoned last month on a speaking tour in Iceland, confirmed by a medical exam. He believes it was done by leftists who protested his visit. 

Violence from the Left has also migrated from Europe to the United States, especially with the election of President Trump. Physical assaults like those by Leftists against Trump supporters have been happening in Europe for decades.  

Rivers of Blood?

In 1968, British Parliament member Enoch Powell was sacked after he famously predicted that mass immigration from the Islamic world would one day lead to "rivers of blood." 

Spencer warns that river is flowing to America.  

"This has happened everywhere Muslims have gone. Why do we think we will be exempt? Why do we think we will be different? The Islam that is taught in American mosques is exactly the same as the Islam that is taught in Mosques in Europe and mosques in the Middle East. The same things will happen here that have happened everywhere else in the world."

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