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Economist Predicts 'Trumponomics' Will Keep the US Economy Strong

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Even many opponents of President Trump grudgingly admit his policies have been good for business. But can Trump really keep the economy humming for the long term?

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised the American people a major change in economic policy. 

After eight years of stagnation under President Obama, voters said "yes" to Trump's pledge to make America great again through lower taxes, less regulation, and bringing jobs back home.

So far, he's delivered the numbers. At the end of Trump's second year in office, unemployment is at historic lows, and this year's strong economy is on track to grow at the fastest rate in 13 years.

Pat Robertson talks with Stephen Moore about his new book, Trumponomics, on Monday's The 700 Club.

But will the economy stay healthy? Not according to the naysayers. Many predicted a Trump victory would crash the stock market and world economy. Now they're claiming the country will slide into recession as soon as next year. 

Economist Stephen Moore disagrees, writing in a new book that "Trumponomics" will usher in a new era of prosperity for all Americans. 

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