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Dr. Dobson Encourages Parents to Challenge Shocking Sex-ed Curriculum Adopted by TX School District

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The Austin Independent School District (AISD) has adopted a sex-ed curriculum that is far from educational.

The program instructs children as young as eight to avoid "non-inclusive" language like "mother" and "father."

Fifth and sixth grade students will talk about sexual orientation, HIV and the idea of gender being a spectrum.

Also, seventh and eighth graders will be shown how to use condoms.

Dr. James Dobson, president and founder of the James Dobson Family Institute, is urging parents to stand against the teachings and become more involved.

"Government entities like the Austin Independent School District are failing our children through this harmful indoctrination. But they are only empowered to do so because we as parents and citizens have failed to accept our familial and civic responsibilities," Dobson said.

"There was a time when parents universally embraced their God-given role to guide their children from childhood to adulthood," he added.

Texas Scorecard reports that more than 100 people came out for an Oct. 28 school board meeting and most disagreed with the controversial lesson plans.

"This curriculum promotes a radical ideology that is in opposition to the values most Austin parents and families hold," said AISD parent David Walls, vice president of the pro-family advocacy group Texas Values. "There is a resounding concern that this radical, hyper-sexualized sex education is going to be problematic for the future generations of kids in this city."

Demonstrations both for and against the curriculum were held outside the board meeting. A group of parents opposed to the curriculum were confronted by a woman who shouted "trans lives matter" as she was removed by police, according to

Dr. Dobson encourages parents to protect these children and their parental rights.

Joining the local school board and getting involved will make a difference and ensure that other districts don't adopt such a shocking curriculum.

To speak out on the new guidelines adopted by the AISD board of trustees, go to the contact form at

"Opt-out your children from sex indoctrination programs and teach them about human sexuality in a developmentally appropriate manner that is consistent with biblical truth," Dobson concluded.

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